It’s the middle of March so that can only mean a few things. about 5 more weeks of winter for us Clevelanders and NCAA March madness. This is the time where all fair weather fans get their one shot at being a sports know it all and bragging rights for the next three weeks. However, this is also the time where most analysts and hard-core fans will differ in opinions. Most fans don’t follow sports day in and day out. So they lack the knowledge of their home team and most times will just use blind faith. Analysts will tell you not to pick your 13th seeded team to go to the final four, it’s just not a good play. However, I’m here to tell you, pick your team and do it with no shame. Are you really being a homer if you truly believe they will win. Face it, you could place your faith in many riskier things that would bring harsher repercussions. So what, who cares that Indiana State has NO CHANCE against Syracuse, roll with your squad. This is the true essence of fandom, to ride or die with your team even if they get blown out by 23. So for all the homer fans, wear your favorite shirt and hat and represent loud and proud. And trust me, this has nothing to do with me being from Ohio, I picked Ohio State to win the tournament. Remember I’m not a homer, I truly believe in Sullinger and the crew.!