Tiger Woods just released his new endeavor, which is an application for your mobile device that will allow the one and only Tiger Woods to coach you on your golf swing. Are you serious? No, really, Tiger didn’t just do that right? I got love for Tiger. He’s a big reason why I play golf to this day, the biggest influence behind me playing high school golf. However, as the saying goes, timing is everything and the timing for this is terrible. Tiger hasn’t won a golf tournament in over 400 days and in his last tournament he was hitting the ball out of bounds. If anybody should be using an app to fix their swing it should be Tiger. His swing is worse than a two year old wailing a plastic golf club. Now for the record, I do believe Tiger will break out of this slump, but as it stands now, Tiger flat out sucks at golf. For those that don’t play golf, think of it this way. Imagine a fourth grader that struggles writing between the lines and in cursive attempting to give the third grader who’s struggling some tips, it’s just not a good idea. I do believe that Tiger will figure it out, but in the meantime Tiger needs to figure out his own swing…I believe there’s an app for that.

Updated Apr 9, 2011:

At the Masters after the first two rounds Tiger looked as if he took his own advice and figured it out. But, then came Saturday, where he finished the third round seven shots off lead. So much for him having it down. Now there is a chance for Tiger to make a strong run and capture his 15th major, but I wouldn’t bet on it. It may be safe to say, Tiger’s new app may need an update already.