To win or not to win is the question many fans have about the Cleveland Cavs right now. The Cavs currently have the 29th worst record in the league, which would give them the second most ping pong balls in terms of the lottery for the number one pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Nevertheless, when did losing become the chic thing to do? When did it ever become acceptable for a team, coach, or player not give the most they can to win? The same effort Cleveland fans crush LeBron James for during his performance in the eastern conference semi-finals, is the same effort they’d like to see the current Cavs take. You can’t have it both ways, and why would you want to. For a team that’s already bad enough, you want them to intentionally be worse than they are. Say that out loud, and then think about it. What if we applied this to everyday life? Let’s say you have a co-worker that isn’t the greatest worker and their deficiencies create more work for you. Would you want them to perform worse so that they’ll get fired? Now, understand that if they perform any worse than they are now, it will create even more work for you; hopefully only in the short term. That is, assuming this person gets fired at all. But if they are never let go then you’re stuck with even more work than before. Now does that sound like a gamble your willing to take? Assuming that your answer is no, why would you want a team that is rarely entertaining, struggles with a lack of talent and experience to purposely lose? We went from championship wishes to lottery dreams in the time it took for the ‘decision’ to take place. So let’s not compound our despair with wanting our team to lose, because they don’t need any help doing that.