The Cleveland Indians are 12-4 16 games into the season, and to say that anyone outside of the hardcore fanatic saw this coming, would be crazy. However, the Indians have not done this with smoke and mirrors; they are ranked 3rd in overall runs, 7th in batting average, and 5th in earned run average. Believe it or not, the Indians are actually good… so far. So the question is, are you buying into the Indians yet? Well I’m not quite a buyer, but I’ll rent with the option to own. It’s still early, and too many things that can happen that can affect how their season will go. You don’t know about injuries, how Grady Sizemore will play coming back from his knee injury, slumps and trades. But so far the Indians have made April an exciting time for their fans so we must give them credit for that. Because the last few seasons they’ve started so bad in the first two months of the season it made it hard to believe that the team had a chance in July and August. Currently they are first in their division and have shown no signs of slowing down. The saying goes in baseball judge a team after the first 40 games and you’ll have a big enough sample size to see who they are. So as we await these next 24 games I ask you this, are you buying into the Cleveland Indians yet?

Update April 26, 2011

The Indians over the weekend were swept by the Minnesota Twins, and though they are still first in their division it should be noted they’ve not won a series against a team with a wining record.  Remember this factor in your vote. It is for this reason why right now I’m renting the Indians with the option to buy. They have to show me they can compete with quality teams in the league. I still stand by my 40 games theory, so they have some time, until the Indians beat someone of note I’ll keep my renting options open.