Brandon Marshall gets stabbed by his wife, whatever happened to just grabbing a blanket, a pillow and hitting the couch after an argument? I understand fighting, but if we are man and wife can’t we have a heated discussion without the use of weapons? Maybe Brandon Marshall should equip his home with nerf balls, this way the most you’ll have to deal with are a few welts compared to a few stitches. I know this is no joking matter but, there had to be a better way to fight and release your frustration right? Considering this is not the first time they’ve caused physical harm after fighting, at what point do they get some help? All reports say Brandon will recover in little over a month, but that’s only physical. No one knows how he will recoup mentally. Some will speculate this latest melee Marshall was in was due to a lockout by saying he had too much time on his hands. Why can’t we just say this was a spat that all couples get into that just went too far? Why does the situation have to be something more than that? Once the lockout is officially over, the Miami Dolphins will now have the option of cutting ties with Marshall and would only have to pay him $3 million compared to $15.5 million if they choose to keep him. The Dolphins will have to determine whether Marshall is worth the trouble considering they gave up two 2nd round drafts picks (2010 & 2011) to acquire him. Marshall last season had his worst statistically since his rookie year; yet still having 86 catches, racking up 1,000 yards, but only scoring 3 touchdowns. However, the slight drop in production could be attributed to the inconsistent play of his quarter back Chad Henne. The NFL Draft and free agents moves will give us some insight on how the Dolphins will approach the situation. But for now we wait and see what happens. For Brandon Marshalls’ sake and safety, does anyone know where you can get a daybed; I heard those are pretty comfortable.