What is it going to take for you to believe in the Indians? They’re only in first place and have 7 series sweeps so far this season. They’ve had one of the most consistent pitching staff in the entire league. Similar to a Dj Khaled song all they do is win. The Indians entered this season so far off the radar that they were on no one’s map. Now they have the second best record in the majors and are being talked about as a legitimate championship contender. For me it took 40 games for me to become a believer. I wanted to see this team be consistent before I laid my money on the red, white and blue. The Tribe has done it this year every which way they can winning 13 games by 4 runs or more, and 14 games by 2 runs or less. Even in defeat they remain competitive having 10 of their losses occur by 2 runs or less. This Indians team is a far cry from the 93 lost team they were in the 2010 season. And for all the criticism the owners get, we must give them praise when their moves work. Fans have killed the Indians for being cheap and trading Cy Young Award winners and faces of the franchise. However, they’ve assembled a team that currently sits atop first place in their division with a six game lead. Now injuries have started to take their toll on the Tribe. Travis Hafner in currently on the disabled list with an injured oblique and Grady Sizemore is coming back from a knee ailment, but he hasn’t been the consistent threat we’re used to seeing. Nonetheless, this team has yet to allow themselves to fall into a terrible drought and I find no reason to believe they will now. Even coming off of losing a series to the Tampa Bay Rays, I still have faith that the Indians will end their current road trip with a winning record. And as the Indians are in the most challenging part of their schedule, this will show what they are made of as they will face the Rangers, Yankees, Tigers, Rockies and Giants over the next month. All of these teams are capable of making the playoffs and 3 of those 5 teams have above .500 winning records. The Indians must prove to the rest of the league that they are here to stay, and the only way they can do that is to start winning series’ against teams with winning records, something they’ve only done twice this year. This is the only concern I have about them. Granted, it’s great that you beat the teams you are supposed to beat. Although if that’s how you’re stacking your record, you will eventually be exposed when it comes time to beat teams of note. Just reference the Cincinnati Reds from 2010 and their short playoff run. But so far the Indians have made April and May enjoyable times for Cleveland fans considering the absence of Cavs presence in the NBA playoffs. So let’s enjoy the success and see what happens. Who knows, maybe we’ll catch Indian fever reminiscent of 2007.