I’ve talked to my crack staff, and I’ve compiled a top 5 list of the baddest black actresses over 40. This list has absolutely nothing to do with acting, completely based on looks. The only criteria was the actress had to be 40 at the time of writing. So before you start emailing about where’s Jada Pinkett and Sanaa Lathan on the list, they don’t turn 40 unitll later in the year. But for the record they Would’ve been in the top ten.


5  Taraji P Henson

The first time I saw Taraji was in Baby Boy and for those that have seen the movie will understand in part why she’s on the list. Though she has made it big she has a low key feel that makes her relatable. Academy Award nominated and hood approved

4  Halle Berry

Halle Berry is a legend as far as looks go. Everybody I asked had her in their top 5. From Strictly Business to Monster’s Ball, she’s always caught the eye of anyone with a pulse. We can excuse the mishaps of B.A.P.S. because she gave us the pleasure of Catwoman.

3  Stacey Dash

Many people credit Clueless with being her big break, but forget that she was in the movie Mo’ Money. Always fly and cute, even check her out in the Kanye West All Falls Down video that kind of reintroduced her to the mainstream.

2  Vanessa Williams

This may be the most argued of the top 5 but she’s been fine since forever. Let’s not forget that she won Miss America in 1984. Even in the movie Soul Food she just has “the look “. She can serenade you while still maintain her sexy. It could be argued that she has gotten better as she’s gotten older. But I’ll argue she belongs here with anyone

Winner the of Caramel Butterscotch Smooth Award


1  Garcelle Beauvais

Fine, dime, bad whatever saying you want to use with Garcelle is cool. Most known for her role as Fancy on the Jamie Foxx show but she’s been in the acting game since 1984. And she’s looked good from the jump and has gotten sexier as she’s gotten older. You can argue anyone else you want, but you’ll lose

The Best of the Rest.

Regina King

Check out Enemy of the State and This Christmas and you may see a side of Regina that you didn’t know was there

Angela Basset

Timeless. Strong and sexy is what keeps guys cutting their eyes her way.

Nia Long

Love Jones, The Best Man, Soul Food and Held Up. All of these roles she plays she’s consistently hot and sexy with class.


Two Words: Players Club

Pam Grier

Iconic, show me someone that doesn’t like her and I’ll show you a liar.