Congrats to the Dallas Mavericks they took down the big bad wolf in the Miami Heat to win the 2001 NBA title. Dirk who has played like a beast the entire playoffs has finally gotten the credit he deserves and him, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry will all get rings they not deserve but have earned. They swept the Lakers, and then took care of the Thunder who many were trying to crown as the heir to throne of the Western Conference, the Mavericks essentially became the forgotten team even though they were in contention for the #2 seed going into the last week of the season. Even through injuries to Caron Butlers’ knee and then Dirks finger the Mavs persevered and prevailed. Now that the Mavericks have won we can get off of Dirks’ back. Though his game has finesse, he’s not soft. He showed that he alone could carry a team in the stat sheet scoring a total 62 points in all the 4th quarters combined and then in the locker room. He called out Jason Terry which prompted him to call out LeBron, which was the jump start the Mavs needed. Dirk in these playoffs showed that you don’t need a big three after all to win not 4, not 3, not 2 but 1 championship. And since Mark Cuban is looking for ideas on what to buy his team to celebrate their championship, how about going old school WWF Ted DiBiase Mr. Million Dollar Man belt style with diamond encrusted Larry O’Brien trophies. Or Jay-Z, Dame Dash Roca-fella chain style and have the Larry O’Brien trophy pendant on a platinum chain. That would definitely be a new look.

Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks

2011 NBA Champions