Dwight Howard please be quiet. Have you learned nothing from LeBron? If you don’t want to stay in Orlando that’s fine, but stop being so wishy washy about it. No one would be mad at you for leaving a team with an ailing Gilbert Arenas, aging Hedo Turkoglu and coach that looks like a porn star. It’s ok. But you can’t keep playing both sides against the middle and if you receive flack for how you leave, it won’t be the media’s fault, not the fans but yours. No one can or should begrudge you for taking advantage of being a free agent but don’t rub the fans faces in it or taunt the media like it’s theirs for pointing out the different scenarios. Just let the management know your intention and say to the media that you’d like to explore your options. Really who could get mad at you? If you are a true Superman don’t go out like he did in the comic book. Don’t let free agency be your doomsday. Realize what your kryptonite is and stop playing this out to the media so much. Just have your fun and let the fans enjoy you while you’re there. Or else people like me will be writing stories similar to Lois Lane.