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At what point are you outraged? At what point will you say you’ve had enough? Well getting demolished 12 to nothing by the Kansas City Royals is all it takes for me. I’m just about ready to sell my seat on the bandwagon for a couple dollars. I understand that during a 162 game season you will have your games that nothing goes your way, but this game was a total domination. All that good will they built up, all that momentum they had, they took that humungous eraser they give second graders and have taken it to their season and what they need right now is someone to blow away the remains. However, Kosuke Fokudome isn’t the one in my opinion (by the way he went 0-4 in his debut) and I’m going to need Manny Acta to at some point show that he’s a little upset with his team’s performance; maybe putting someone on blast will put them on their toes. If they come this far, just to give it all back, it’ll be a bigger tease than Halle Berry’s sex scene in Monster’s Ball. No hit one game, and then shut out the next, this is not a way to keep yourself in the divisional race. 14 of their next 18 games are against divisional opponent and the other 6 are against the Rangers and Red Sox so now is not the time for them to play beneath their expectation.

Nnamdi to the Eagles


Nnamdi Asomugha has signed a 5 year $60 million contract with the Eagles. Teaming him up with Asante Samuel, and Dominique Rodgers- Cromartie, gives them one of the coldest secondaries in the league. If the Eagles keep all three, their nickel coverage would be stacked, add a guy specializing in stopping the run and they have a good chance at being nearly unbeatable. Barring Mike Vick getting hurt during the preseason, they may be my early superbowl pick.

Titans Make Connection With Fans


The Tennessee Titans are taking a different approach with their season ticket holders by sending out players to personally deliver the tickets to the fans. I guess that’s one way to win fans back and considering Jake Locker doesn’t have a starting position to prepare for why not have him hang out with fans, may be the most action he sees all year. Also big props to Darren Rovell for exposing this story on his Twitter. You can follow him at @darrenrovell.

Rumor has the Indians will be trading for Kosuke Fukudome sending the Cubs a couple minor league players. If the Indians make this trade, I will feel like it is a wasted move. Yes I want them to make a trade, but trade for someone worth trading for. Fukudome only has 3 homeruns 15 doubles and 13 RBI. He’s  barely ok, and it’s the safest of safe moves that they could make. If this trade is completed I don’t see how this is a ‘spark’, it’s more like flicking a lighter low on butane fuel.

Bill Belichick has made it a habit of taking players you don’t want, and resurrecting their production. Well, he will now try that again with Albert Haynesworth, who he traded for only having to give the Redskins a 5th round pick. Now, Haynesworth will still be in a base 3-4 scheme, but Belichick likes moving players around on his defense and with this fresh start Haynesworth should be open to the ideas Belichick will have, unless this may be the end of his road. Considering how the Pats stack draft picks and only gave up a 5th rounder, I think this is a win win for them. They get someone to play alongside Vince Wilfork to sure up that run defense, and if by chance it doesn’t work out they can cut him and it’s not like they gave up something of huge value.

The lockout has ended and players are now able to report to their respective facilities and workout until training camp officially opens up on Friday July 29th. So the Indians have until today to generate some kind of buzz before Browns fever fully kicks in. The Indians have had the luxury of the Cavs being terrible this past season so the entire spring was theirs and with the NFL lockout taking place there were no Browns activities to distract fans from the ups and downs the Indians would go through. Well all of that is over, and soon fans will have to choose between spending their viewing and sports interest on the Indians and the Browns and considering the Browns are king in this town, the Indians better do something. Since the all star break the Tribe is 5-8, and the offense is looking worse and worse, they’ve averaged 2.3 runs in their last 8 losses. Once again, the name of the game is to end the game with more runs than your opponent, and as long as this team continues to put the pressure on the pitching to win them games, they will struggle. Now with the Browns returning to business as usual ALL attention will be on them for the next few weeks, with all the signings that will take place and the intrigue of is Colt McCoy the guy, who will he throw the ball too, and who will we have to rush the passer. So is tribe time running out? No…based on the condition the Indians do something to take advantage of the position they are in. They’re only 2 games out of first place, and we’ve seen that all it takes is for you to get into the playoffs and anything can happen. Now is the time where the Dolans’ can destroy the perception of them being cheap. They were rumored to be going after Carlos Beltran, but the Mets demands were outrageous. If so, then understandable, but they can’t just stand pat and think this team will come out of this scoring slump. The offense needs some help and making a move would catapult them back into the headlines and the front of minds of fans. Here’s a few guys that I think could help the tribe, and give them a spark; Gaby Sanchez from the Marlins a right handed batter who has an on base percentage above 350, 24 doubles, 16 homeruns and 58 RBI, the only snag could be, he plays first base, a position in which the Indians like to play Carlos Santana at a lot. Seth Smith from the Rockies a guy that can play the outfield, a left handed batter who has hit 25 doubles and a .288 batting average. This is the only guy of the four I will name that I’m not so sure of, but Carlos Lee, who is 35 years old and is subject to make between 16 and 19 million dollars next season which is the last year of his contract. However, he can still produce, and being traded might do him some good. Only 9 homeruns this year, but 58 RBI, and 27 doubles, on a bad Astros team and a pitchers park down there in Houston. The last guy I think the Indians should go after, Cameron Maybin of the Padres. He’s hit 6 homeruns has 22 stolen bases and a .333 on base percentage and could add some more speed to the top of the lineup. His walk (26) to strike out (77) ratio isn’t that great, but that could just be a case of a young player trying to do too much on a bad team. Three of these players would be under control of the Indians until at least 2015, and all but Carlos Lee are eligible for arbitration in 2012 or 2013. And for these guys you shouldn’t have to give up a left arm and a leg. They should be able to make a reasonable deal and most of these guys are still young so you still keep that youth factor that the Indians love so much. So for now time hasn’t run out, but the sand is running down the glass pretty fast.

Let the Signings Begin

A lot of activity has taken place during the first few days of free agency, so I need not bore you with a long monologue and I’ll just give you my opinion on the signings so far;

Matt Hasselbeck to the Tennessee Titans

Unlike most, I think this makes some sense. He steps in right away as the starter, and understands that he has a timeline to prove to the rest of the league that he can play. Yes, he may be keeping the seat warm for Jake Locker, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be motivated to prove the rest of the league wrong that he can still play. Just because Locker is 2nd in command doesn’t mean that once Hasselbecks’ contract is over he’s going to be handed the reins. Let’s not forget how long Aaron Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre.

Sydney Rice and Robert Gallery to the Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have be starving for a #1 receiver for a long time now, and if healthy can definitely catch 80 passes and rack up 1,000 yards. Only caveat, who is going to throw him the ball. Rumor has it Tarvaris Jackson will be heading to Seattle as well, which will generate some familiarity as well as their old offensive coordinator from the Vikings is on the staff as well. Robert Gallery won’t get any fan fare from the media, but he’s a decent lineman that has escaped the Alcatraz that is Oakland, and will definitely stabilize the offensive line.

Steve Breaston to the Kansas City Chiefs

Steve Breaston lining up opposite of Dwayne Bo, Jamaal Charles in the backfield and Dexter McCluster in the slot, is going to make the Chiefs a very dangerous team. Now the defense can’t shade coverage to one side and as long as the line can protect Matt Cassell the Chiefs will be very dangerous

Donovan McNabb traded to the Minnesota Vikings

The most disrespected player in the league is on the move for a second off season, and it only took a 6th round pick. McNabb is like the Hey Arnold character from that old Nickelodeon cartoon constantly undervalued. But with a great running back behind him two decent receivers he should be able to prove everyone wrong that has essentially buried him. However, the Vikings are going to need another receiver considering Percy Harvins’ migraine issues.

Kevin Kolb traded to Arizona Cardinals

It’s being rumored the Kevin Kolb is going to be traded to the Cardinals for a 2nd round pick, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and then the Cardinals are going to give Kolb a new contract with $30 million guaranteed. To me this is crazy, Kolb has a lot of potential but to give him all that money basically says you’re riding or dying with this go no matter what. AND, you’re trading away a vital piece of your secondary. I know they need a quarterback, but I wouldn’t do it.

Andy Reid should be a blackjack dealer, the way he be stealing players and picks from teams. Acquiring Cromartie sures up their weak secondary and takes pressure off of their safeties.

Brandon Stokley & Donte Stallworth to the Washington Redskins

These two signings have to be two of the dumbest so far. The Redskins have agreed to terms with Stallworth, Stokley and resigned Santana Moss, and all of these receivers do the same thing. Small, quick receivers that intimidate nobody. We shouldn’t expect anything different, but this is just dumb, it’s like pouring a glass of water in the ocean and thinking your replenishing it. I feel bad for Redskin fans; you have a team with all that money, and no clue what to do with it, so sad.

50 cent just announced on his twitter page that  he is not releasing his album this year, citing his issues with Interscope Records. To me, there seems to be some other issues going on with him and Interscope. 50 says he’s choosing to delay the album because they aren’t giving him the right set up and are essentially setting him up to flop. But how does this happen, this same partnership is responsible for him selling a million records during the first week of his debut album. Hopefully we can get some new 50 music, because the stuff he had been releasing lately has been pretty nice. Guess, I’ll just play Get Rich or Die trying. Here are the tweets 50 cent just sent out via his twitter @50cent.




Lost in the Woods

This week Tiger has experienced another big change in his life, firing his long time caddie Stevie Williams. That makes in the last two years Tiger has lost his wife, encountered more injury problems, lost his squeaky clean public image and now his caddie. However, none of these are why Tiger is not winning. He lost his confidence, he no longer feels unbeatable when he steps on a course, and now others aren’t afraid of him. Now firing the caddie that has helped you win 13 majors may not be the brightest move but a new voice may be needed. We see that strategy all the time in baseball, basketball and football. So why can’t it apply here? Stevie wasn’t going to be the special elixir that brought him out of his slump, so no harm no foul. Now if you want to speak upon Tiger and his loyalty being lost, well that’s our fault for thinking he had any. I’ve never thought of Tiger and Stevie as friends, but as people that since they work together they’ve are more than associates, but not quite friends. Hence it should be no surprise that Stevie plans to write a book, and the chapters on Tiger will be as heavy as a 6 ton gorilla. That’s not something that a ‘friend’ would do. So for all the whining Stevie is doing about loyalty and wasting 2 years of his life, where’s his loyalty to Tiger. I’ll always say this, in big money situations most people will have no loyalty to any person, only their wallet, and family. Example, Stevie could have as easily bitched out Tiger face to face, on the phone, and left it at that. However he chose to go on television vent his feelings, and mention how he plans to write a book. Are these actions of loyalty? Nope, therefore let’s just assume this. Both Tiger and Stevie have no loyalty to each other. Thus Tiger fired Stevie to get a new voice and leave behind anyone that was associated with his past good or bad. Stevie is bitter because he’s no longer with the most lucrative golfer and will most likely not make the same money he did before. Moral of the story… Do your dirt by yourself so there are no witnesses, and remember its business, never personal.

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