With all the shortcomings LeBron has endured in the playoffs that just passed, I guess LeBron figured he would take on some competition he knew he could reign over. At a camp LeBron played a game of knockout with the kids and well, as usual LeBron bricked a jump shot. So in effort to not take another loss and one to some teenagers, LeBron went strong to the basket as if he heard a rumor that the kid was hitting on his mom. As LeBron dunks he violently knocks the kid down…Ok maybe not violently but getting dunked on by a guy 6’9 250 pounds can’t be fun. Looks like LeBron finally found a league he can dominate during the clutch in. So warning to all kids at playgrounds and recreation centers everywhere, there’s a 6’8 unemployed basketball player looking to dunk on you. In fairness, LeBron did give the kid a pair of shoes to make up for dunking on him. If you haven’t seen the dunk, well just look below and there it is.