Soooo, what if I told you that a 22 year old college student, who has had a few drinks, said some silly stuff on camera while hanging with his friends. Would you think that’s a big deal? Probably not, so why is it that when a college athlete participates in this same silly routine it’s made to seem like the end of the world. Yes I know and understand that USC has had issues with players receiving improper benefits, but this was a kid who was on camera and thought he’d be cool if he said the first silly thing to come to his mind. Was it immature, possibly, but how many 22 year olds have moments of immaturity? So why do we expect those who play sports to be more responsible and have higher moral values? WHY?! I don’t get it, it’s like playing sports is supposed to raise your moral rating above 90. Early 20 year olds do dumb silly stuff all the time, and if calling his school the “university of sexy ballers” and saying that USC is cutting them the checks as a joke is the worst thing Marc Tyler does, then good for him. He didn’t get knocked for dui, harassing any females or any other potential crime. Neither did he deserve to get a one game suspension; the out roar should be directed at the NCAA and their ridiculous rules which allows them to punish students for the smallest of things.