I can’t begin to tell you how much I like Ozzie Guillen. Correction, I love that guy, hands down he holds the current title of most intriguing manager in the league. Never short of something to say and well, early Thursday morning was no different. After a 2 to 1 extra inning loss to the Kansas City Royals Ozzie had enough of his teams play. During the press conference Guillen called his team’s performance pathetic, and though he gave Royals pitcher Bruce Chen credit, he laid more blame on the teams lost to their approach to the plate. Now many will claim that Ozzie’s approach to managing is counterproductive, that he should do all this name calling, poking and prodding behind closed doors, and that a manager shouldn’t be so vocal to the media about how he feels about his team. Well I disagree, that’s like telling parents how to discipline their child. Ozzie is with that team 6-7 months out of the year, so he has a good gauge on what gets them going. And just like parenting there’s a million different approaches none of which are more right than the others. Also in a society where most people won’t say what they really feel on camera Ozzie says what’s on his mind and moves on. Let’s not forget he’s won a title with this style and while his team is 4 games under .500 they’re only 5 games out of first place, and right now could be the time where they make their move or fall out of the divisional race all together, and its Ozzies’ job to make sure they stay in striking position. Above all, Ozzie is entertaining, so even though the White Sox may play so wishy washy, at least you can be satisfied with Guillens’ performance in the press conference. The White Sox head into Cleveland to play the Indians over the weekend for a three game series and if they can win at least 2 of 3 that puts them in prime position to take the division with little over 2 month left in the season. So below is the video of his post game rant, enjoy because I sure did.


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