Bill Belichick has made it a habit of taking players you don’t want, and resurrecting their production. Well, he will now try that again with Albert Haynesworth, who he traded for only having to give the Redskins a 5th round pick. Now, Haynesworth will still be in a base 3-4 scheme, but Belichick likes moving players around on his defense and with this fresh start Haynesworth should be open to the ideas Belichick will have, unless this may be the end of his road. Considering how the Pats stack draft picks and only gave up a 5th rounder, I think this is a win win for them. They get someone to play alongside Vince Wilfork to sure up that run defense, and if by chance it doesn’t work out they can cut him and it’s not like they gave up something of huge value.