At what point are you outraged? At what point will you say you’ve had enough? Well getting demolished 12 to nothing by the Kansas City Royals is all it takes for me. I’m just about ready to sell my seat on the bandwagon for a couple dollars. I understand that during a 162 game season you will have your games that nothing goes your way, but this game was a total domination. All that good will they built up, all that momentum they had, they took that humungous eraser they give second graders and have taken it to their season and what they need right now is someone to blow away the remains. However, Kosuke Fokudome isn’t the one in my opinion (by the way he went 0-4 in his debut) and I’m going to need Manny Acta to at some point show that he’s a little upset with his team’s performance; maybe putting someone on blast will put them on their toes. If they come this far, just to give it all back, it’ll be a bigger tease than Halle Berry’s sex scene in Monster’s Ball. No hit one game, and then shut out the next, this is not a way to keep yourself in the divisional race. 14 of their next 18 games are against divisional opponent and the other 6 are against the Rangers and Red Sox so now is not the time for them to play beneath their expectation.