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Often times you read stories about rappers and ballers getting into trouble. Rarely are there good deeds publicized. Recently rap artist Mistah Fab and Golden State Warrior Dorell Wright were apart of a backpack giveaway and cookout in Oakland, California where they gave out 1,000 backpacks filled with pens, pencills, paper, folders and other school supplies. The event also included Mt Zion Baptist Church and other community members. When asked about the even in the video below Mistah Fab says that it was the community that was able to make this happen and that he was just happy to be apart of. Things like this go on all the time, but get no attention, but they don’t go unnoticed. The people of that communtiy will forever remember this. One day the national will recognize that not all rappers and hoopers are trouble makers, that some actually care about their community. Check out the video below. For more footage of the event.



Peyton Hillis will make around $550,000 this season and there is talk that since the Brown are under the salary cap if they should compensate Hillis for his talents. In two words: ABSOLUTELY NOT! He’s not Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson and any other elite back in the league, at this moment he’s very good. Nonetheless, before we start polliticking for him to get a lifetime contract can we see him do this for more than one year. Let’s see how he fits into this new offense, just because you have money doesn’t mean you have to spend it. Now if you’re talkng giving him a raise for a couple of years, great, but no 5 year deals with $20 million gauranteed. Running back are like used cars, just go to the lot and find you a good one, remeber how we found Hillis in the first place? I just don’t think right now, it would be a good idea to pay him top 5 running back money before seeing him doing for a second year in a row.

The aftermath of violations has started for the University of Miami as 8 players have received their punishment for receiving improper benefits. Five players including starting quarterback Jacory Harris are suspended for one game and must repay the money for benefits they received from booster Nevin Shapiro. Oliver Vernon will be suspended 6 games and must repay $1,200 while Ray Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye will miss four games each. The more interesting part of this story is how much the players are responsible for paying back. Armstrong must repay $788, Dye $738, Marcus Forston $400, Adewale Ojomo $240, Travis Benjamin $150 and Harris $140, while another 4 players who won’t be suspended will be required to pay back less than $100. For a little less than $4,000 your punishing kids, it just doesn’t seem fair. The amounts these players are required to give back could’ve been prevented if you would just give the players something. I’m not saying give them six figure money, but allow them to have some walk around money, so that when the temptation does come they can look at their pockets knowing they already have money, so why risk what they already have. Yes you will have players that are greedy, and those you can do nothing about, but for the ones who are just looking for a little pocket change, you can save them pit falls that many have fallen to. And while the NCAA is punishing the kids for the amount of a used car, they’ve yet to say what will happen to the school or its administrators for taking benefits. These punishments which aren’t that severe may also quell talk of Miami receiving the death penalty.

If you’re former Tennessee men’s college basketball coach Bruce Pearl and you’re looking for work after receiving a 3 year show cause penalty, what kind of job would you look for? TV analyst, the chance to stay in the spotlight and still be around college basketball. Maybe catch on as an assistant coach in the NBA, possibly position himself to get a head coaching job one day. However, none of these jobs were what Bruce chose; Bruce will now be the vice president of marketing for a grocery company H.T. Hackney in Knoxville. Interesting option for Bruce to explore, perhaps he’s looking at taking the Kurt Warner way back into sports, maybe he’ll even draw up pick and rolls with the butter.


As soon as the Browns thought they had the left side of the line sured up, they find that Eric Steinbach will likely be out for the rest of the season due to his back problems. This take a grenade to the strength of the team which was the left side of the offensive line. Look for Browns Oneil Cousins and rookie Jason Pinkston to battle it out for the starting spot at left gaurd. With the Browns having so many holes to fill this injury comes at the worse possible time.

The 100 Million Dollar Man


Michael Vick after two years of turmoil and a fantastic year of play on the field last season has signed a $100 milllion deal for 6 years. This has to be the new american dream, to be able to lose the richest contract in NFL history, go to jail and have the opportunity to earn a second $100 million contract. It’s the perfect made for tv movie. Now for hs sake let’s hope he performs on because we know the instance he has one bad game that the naysayers will be all over him and that contract. Obviously Andy Reid knew what he was doing when he pick him up 2 years ago.

Ball & Chain

Right now there is a warrant out for the arrest of NBA player Javaris Crittenton who is wanted on murder charges. Atlanta police believed he was involved in a drive by shooting that resulted in the murder of Julian Jones who is survived by her four children. As the story goes, Javaris was seeking revenge for a robbery in April where he was robbed of his jewelry. Police do not believe Jones was the intended target who at the time of the shooting was walking with a group of people. My question is, is your ego that big, had you not been humbled enough that you felt the need to result to deadly violence as a means of retaliation because someone got you for your jewelry? Why? Why not focus your energy on working your way back to the league, or taking advantage of these overseas opportunities? Nothing good could from him being any way involved in this situation if the allegations are true. Nonetheless the worse thing about this situation is that four kids lost their mom, and will never know what it is like to live life with her in it. The repercussions of this act will affect many lives and whoever is eventually proved to be responsible for this didn’t think this out and didn’t analyze the domino effect of tragedy this would cause.

Where to Draw the Baseline



Derek Anderson had a career that amounted to being a journey man after he suffered multiple knee injuries which limited his potential. Now he’s facing allegations that could limit his freedom. Francois Cunningham an admitted murderer and drug runner is aledging that Anderson was the money man behind the huge drug scheme he worked for under an associate of Andersons’. Cunningham claims that Anderson used his legit NBA income to cover for the drug money. Andersons attorney claims these accusations are false and that Cunningham is only making these claims because Andersons’ name will garner attention. Anderson isn’t the only former. Ball player linked to a drug investigation. Newly named NBA coach Mark Jacksons’ friend Warren Braithwaite is under investigation by the DEA on suspicion for being involved in a marajuana drug ring. Mark has since released a statemnet saying he’s not seen eveidence that Braithwaite is the person police say he is. If anybody would know Braithwaite is head usher at the church where Mark and his wife are pastors. But one thing both these stories have are players who maybe kept ties too close to those linked with trouble. I don’t think Anderson or Mark are involved in any illegal activity, but at what point do you draw the line with old friends that insist on being in the midst of trouble. Too many times we’ve seen people get drawn down because of the company they keep, not knowing when to cut off people who serve no beneficial purpose. Hopefully when the smoke clears both of these men have names cleared and no longer attached to negativity and the focus can go back on what the positive things their involved in.

They say you can never go home again… That seems not to be true for Jim Thome as he comes back to Cleveland where his career started. The Indians claimed him off waivers and completed a trade with the Minnesota Twins sending a player to be named later to the twin cities. Now, this wasn’t the bat I thought the Tribe needed, however, with Travis Hafner out for who knows how long you need somebody that could provide some pop. Thome will help, but is it too late, you’re 6 games out of first place, the ace you traded for hasn’t performed to expectations and you’ve had the worst week of the season at the wrong time. Hopefully Thome can bring back some of that late 90’s magic win he steps into the box at Progressive Field. Now, how will fans receive Thome in his first game back, he unlike other Indian greats didn’t leave on the best of terms, and the quote  “my wife is my rock” still resonates on fans minds when thinking of Thome. I believe for the most part Thome will be cheered, considering we need him to play well and he’s one of ours again the fans won’t bash him, however I think the ratio of fans cheering to jeering will be 60-65% to 40-35%. Hopefully this works out, because up until two weeks ago the Indians season had been very exciting and I would hate to see it all go to waste.

Loss of Memory Not Determination

Pat Summitt, who has won more games in NCAA college basketball history as coach of the Tennessee Lady Volunteers, has suffered a tremendous health loss. Summitt was recently diagnosed with early onset of dementia of the Alzheimer type at the age of 59. Dementia is described as affecting memory, thinking, language and judgment. Summitt noticed something was wrong when she was having trouble with remembering things but initially thought it was a symptom of her arthritis medicine. After consulting with her doctors and numerous tests they discovered the diagnosis of dementia. Having a grandmother who suffered from dementia in her mid 70’s I understand the hard road that is ahead of Summitt and her family. On many days my grandmother didn’t remember my name, my age and whether I was still in school or not. I saw the loss of determination, due to what her brain wouldn’t allow her to do anymore. So for Summitt to remain active is and remain head coach of the Lady Vols basketball team is great. What’s even better is her realizing her limitations, in an interview with ABC she was quoted as saying “I realize I may have some limitations with this condition, since there will be some good days and some bad days. For that reason, I will be relying on my outstanding coaching staff like never before.” Many times when we suffer a setback we fail to acknowledge that we have to rely on others more, and that we have to do things differently. In all the interviews and articles Summitt appears upbeat and prepared to fight this head on. Below is a video of Summitt speaking about her diagnosis and the road ahead.


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