Randy Moss announced yesterday that he is retiring. WHAT?! You can’t be serious, a 34 year old receiver that still has something to give and has trained all summer for a chance to show he wasn’t done yet is calling it quits? I don’t believe it. I think this is just a case of being overlooked and him reacting emotionally. Give it a few weeks, and let an injury or a team with a need for a receiver come along, and I can easily see him coming back. And if I’m Randy Moss, I’d be a little upset too if I saw a guy that was in jail for two years get signed before I do. Give it some time, and we’ll see the freak streaking down the field again. However, if this is it, he definitely should be a first ballot hall of famer. Every time he stepped on the field, wheter he was motivated or not, he demanded attention. He ranks tied for 2nd all time in receiving touchdowns, tied 8th all time in receptions and 5th all time in receiving yards. No matter what people want to say about him not reaching his potential he still produced numbers on the field. As Randy might say, just check the stats homey.