To think that pro athletes are the only ones taking performance enhancing drugs would be very naïve thinking. So an Elyria High School athletic director has decided to implement a drug testing program for his football team that will screen for recreational and performance drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Mike Wisnor is the athletic director for Elyria Catholic High School and has already ran this program for the soccer last year with the soccer team and the team captain had no problem with even going as far to say that he felt it helped the team. In my opinion, I hate this initiative. It’s discriminatory in every way. Why are only the athletes only expected to not take drugs? What about the kid that doesn’t play sports that takes steroids just to bulk up for the ladies. Or the kids that takes uppers to keep him awake to allow him to stay up all night and still be fresh for class? I completely support promoting a clean athletic program, but not in this manner, and if I was a parent and the school didn’t extend this testing to all students I would send my child to another school. This goes completely against what we fight for as everyday Americans. To be judged and viewed fairly. This however, highlights one particular group and ignores everybody else. Also what about the funding aspect, it can’t be cheap to run these tests, and in an economy where school funds are shrinking, I’m pretty sure there are better ways to spend budget money.  For now Wisnor is saying the money for the testing won’t come out of the students or parents pockets, which leads one to ask, well where will the money come from? Football coach Mike Polevacik has said he’s all in favor of the test and holding his student-athletes to a higher standards; which is great, however, the way these higher standards are being enforced is all bad. If you’re going to drug test student-athletes then drug test all students, just because they play sports doesn’t mean they should be treated differently.