After 2 days, and a combined 1 under par score later golf is finally back on the radar of most casual fans and has everybody screaming that Tiger is on his way back. STOP…Let’s analyze this for a second. He hasn’t played for three months and just because he’s looked ‘ok’ at one of his favorite courses doesn’t mean that Tiger is on his way back. Tiger is held to a higher standard, he’s not expected to just contend, he’s expected to win most tournaments he’s in and those expectations will not change. Now might those goals be lofty considering he’s coming off of his injuries, yes, but why should we change them if Tiger himself expects to win every time he tees up? I will say that what I’ve seen from Tiger does look encouraging and gives us hope that he can be on the comeback trail. However, let’s let him be in contention on Sunday before we say he’s back, he could fall apart and come the final round be right back at square one. And as far as golf being on the radar again; the PGA better hope that Tiger is at least healthy, because when he’s not at least playing, no one outside of diehard fans are watching golf.