Chad Ocho Cinco wants to live with you for a few weeks. Yup, being new to the Boston area he wants to live with you until he gets familiar with the town. Now me I have no problem with this, matter of fact I love this idea. The lucky fan that is selected will have the story of a lifetime to tell. Now why media types alike crush this idea I don’t know. They claim this is Chad being the self promoter, not falling in line with the Belichick way. I totally disagree, if you think that Belichick isn’t ok with this you’re crazy. At this point I don’t think Ocho Cinco is going to do anything outrageous without getting clearance from the hoodie first. Also how could you not love this idea and what he’s doing. Chad is entertaining, he’s dedicated to being a good player and he’s one of the most engaging players in sports as no other athlete communicates with fans like him. And if you think Chad is just gonna stay with some random fan in an area that isn’t so safe then you really are crazy.