Larry Fitzgerald has plenty of reasons to smile, he plays in beautiful sunny Arizona, just got a new quarterback in Kevin Kolb, and now he has a new a new 8 year contract worth $120 million with almost 50 million of it guaranteed. Congrats to one of the elite receivers getting paid, he definitely deserves it. And while I understand wanting to get paid now, it gives you security just in case you get injured, but if you stay healthy and the team doesn’t get better you’re stuck in a complete bad situation. Furthermore what if Kevin Kolb doesn’t produce and plays like a bum the Cardinals will suffer dearly and Fitzgerald will be stuck in a place that will go from beautiful and sunny to miserable and dry. There’s a lot that will be learned about Kolb this season, his production will directly reflect if the Cardinals will get their money’s worth out of Fitzgerald’s contract. Because if Kolb fails, you’re going to have an All-Pro wide out with no one to throw him the ball. But at least he’ll have his money