Terrelle Pryor was taken in the supplemental draft by the Oakland Raiders with a 3rd round pick. Pryor going to the Raiders in my opinion could be the worse place he could be. The Raiders haven’t had a stable quarterback since Rich Gannon and considering at any given moment Al Davis could decide he wants someone new in there Pryor may see the field before he’s ready. Unlike most I think Pryor has a chance to be a serviceable quarterback, he’s 6’5 and strong so he would have the ability to stand in the pocket and shrug off tacklers and can elude a pass rush with his speed. The only thing that concerns me is when he throws the ball is looks like he’s trying to guide it instead of just letting it go with confidence. I can’t see him playing any other position, just because he’s big and fast doesn’t mean he can learn another position, and I don’t think he should have to. Groom him and let’s see what kind of quarterback he can be. Hopefully in Oakland he’ll get the time he needs to prepare and will get a fair shot.