Right now there is a warrant out for the arrest of NBA player Javaris Crittenton who is wanted on murder charges. Atlanta police believed he was involved in a drive by shooting that resulted in the murder of Julian Jones who is survived by her four children. As the story goes, Javaris was seeking revenge for a robbery in April where he was robbed of his jewelry. Police do not believe Jones was the intended target who at the time of the shooting was walking with a group of people. My question is, is your ego that big, had you not been humbled enough that you felt the need to result to deadly violence as a means of retaliation because someone got you for your jewelry? Why? Why not focus your energy on working your way back to the league, or taking advantage of these overseas opportunities? Nothing good could from him being any way involved in this situation if the allegations are true. Nonetheless the worse thing about this situation is that four kids lost their mom, and will never know what it is like to live life with her in it. The repercussions of this act will affect many lives and whoever is eventually proved to be responsible for this didn’t think this out and didn’t analyze the domino effect of tragedy this would cause.