The aftermath of violations has started for the University of Miami as 8 players have received their punishment for receiving improper benefits. Five players including starting quarterback Jacory Harris are suspended for one game and must repay the money for benefits they received from booster Nevin Shapiro. Oliver Vernon will be suspended 6 games and must repay $1,200 while Ray Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye will miss four games each. The more interesting part of this story is how much the players are responsible for paying back. Armstrong must repay $788, Dye $738, Marcus Forston $400, Adewale Ojomo $240, Travis Benjamin $150 and Harris $140, while another 4 players who won’t be suspended will be required to pay back less than $100. For a little less than $4,000 your punishing kids, it just doesn’t seem fair. The amounts these players are required to give back could’ve been prevented if you would just give the players something. I’m not saying give them six figure money, but allow them to have some walk around money, so that when the temptation does come they can look at their pockets knowing they already have money, so why risk what they already have. Yes you will have players that are greedy, and those you can do nothing about, but for the ones who are just looking for a little pocket change, you can save them pit falls that many have fallen to. And while the NCAA is punishing the kids for the amount of a used car, they’ve yet to say what will happen to the school or its administrators for taking benefits. These punishments which aren’t that severe may also quell talk of Miami receiving the death penalty.