Often times you read stories about rappers and ballers getting into trouble. Rarely are there good deeds publicized. Recently rap artist Mistah Fab and Golden State Warrior Dorell Wright were apart of a backpack giveaway and cookout in Oakland, California where they gave out 1,000 backpacks filled with pens, pencills, paper, folders and other school supplies. The event also included Mt Zion Baptist Church and other community members. When asked about the even in the video below Mistah Fab says that it was the community that was able to make this happen and that he was just happy to be apart of. Things like this go on all the time, but get no attention, but they don’t go unnoticed. The people of that communtiy will forever remember this. One day the national will recognize that not all rappers and hoopers are trouble makers, that some actually care about their community. Check out the video below. For more footage of the event.