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Delonte West Plays Bingo With Your Grandma

Many know NBA player Delonte West for his legal trouble and medical condition. However, those who don’t take the time to know Mr. West would miss out the hilarity he provides. Today to kick off his charity weekend he visited a nursing home and hosted bingo and luncheon with the residents. Check out the picture below to see him calling the numbers and his uncle Rudy serenade the crowd.  But the fun doesn’t stop there he’ll spend time at The D.C. Childrens Advocacy Center, hold a free basketball clinic for bi-polar children for the National Association of Mental Illness and visit the National Childrens Hospital. Good to see athletes giving back, and the beauty of technology, we don’t need mainstream media to let us know that not all guys who make a mistake are bad.  If you want in on what Delonte is up to, follow him on twiiter @CharleeRedz13 and check out his website








Say what you want, but Floyd Mayweather is the truth and he showed it tonite. After being in complete control of the fight, Mayweather knocked out Victor Ortiz in the 4th round. After being head butted by Ortiz the fighters touched gloves, Ortiz left his hand down and eyes of Mayweather and Floyd commenced to throw a two piece combo that put Ortiz to sleep before he hit the canvas. Was it dirty? I say no, in a fight you never take your eyes off the opponent, and protect yourself at all times. Ortiz did neither and paid the price. If you didn’t see the fight, below is the heabutt and subsequent destruction that let to Ortizs’ demise.

Its been a while since Katt Williams has been atop the comedic world, but in the last few weeks he’s been int news for verbally attacking fans. Now as a comic there’s a fine line they walk between being provocative versus insulting. Katt Williams in a California comedy club after being heckeld by a fan started directing his jokes to a fan. Well the fan got insulted. But when you go to a comedy show u have to rememeber you’re on their turf so be careful what you say because the man with the mic will always win.

Well in a recent performance Katt had his buttons pushed by another fan and decided to let him know that if security didn’t take care of it he will. Now yes, I’m concerned that he keeps threatening fans, but why is Katt wearing glamour bracelets and purple cumberbuns that look like gurdles? I like Katt vand hope he gets it together, cause he’s funny. However on the path he’s on we may see him going UFC with some fan before long. Check out the video below to see how his performance went in Cincinatti.

A harmless tweet and acknowledgement of his teams offensive execution has rubbed some people the wrong way. Teddy Bruschi went off on Ochocinco for his tweet that praised the way Tom Brady orchestrated the offense Monday night. Bruschi made the case that he should get off twitter and get in his playbook so instead of being in awe of the performance he can be apart of it. To me this is crazy, in no way is Chad tweeting impacting him grasping the offense. Perrhaps he’s having a hard time because he’s coming from Cincinatti a completely different system and since there was a shortened off season he hasn’t had enough time to understand the nuances. I understand that the Patriots are Bruschis’ old team but sounds like the bitter old guy looking for a reason to pick on the new guy. It’s not like Chad hurt the team and caused them to lose in his lack of understanding, and its only week 1! Now if this was week 13 and he still doesn’t understand the offense, different story, but don’t blame him sending out a harmless tweet and claim that he’s unfocused. This has to be the first time a player praised his team and got slammed for it

NFC Preview Team By Team Breakdown

NFC North

4th Place 7-9 Chicago Bears

With no legit #1 wide receiver, no legit back up running back behind starter Matt Forte the Bears offense is already a little shaky. Add that to an offensive line as solid as kerplunk straws and you have a recipe for disaster. Jay Cutler was already running for his life last season, and the preseason proved to be no different. With a solid defense adding Brandon Meriweather gives them added depth to their secondary. They’ll be in games, but with no consistent scoring, I don’t see them doing much.


2nd Place 10-6 Minnesota Vikings

With the Brett Favre era over, and Donovan Mcnabb in things should go a little smoother for the Vikings. You no longer have a qb who likes to chances, instead you have a guy who with the right pieces around him can still put up pro bowl numbers. With Adrian Peterson toting the rock the Vikings should be able to pound teams and utilize the play action pass to open up the passing game. With 3 new players on the defensive line it will be a struggle for the Vikings against the run early, but as the season goes along they will improve. They won’t make the playoffs, but look for McNabb to show those that have been throwing dirt on him that he still has life. (Though tied with the Lions, the will miss the playoffs due to the Lions holding the tie breaker with a better divisional record)


2nd Place 10-6 Detroit Lions

Quietly the Lions have been putting together a solid team, and if they can keep Matt Stafford healthy for an entire season, they’ll be a team by the end of the year that no one wants to play. The defense with Suh and Vanden Bosch anchoring the line, they’re able to apply pressure without having to blitz which affords them the luxury of dropping more players in coverage. Calvin Johnson a top 3 receiver will terrorize the NFC. Look for the lions to make the playoffs and once you get in the playoffs anything can happen.

1st place 12-4 Green Bay Packers

The defending champs didn’t need to make many moves, since they had so many injuries all they had to do was get healthy to replenish their squad. The offense gets more weapons with Jermicheal Finley returning from injury and having 5 legit wide receivers that can catch and run, the offense is nothing to worry about. If the defense can hold teams under 20 points or so there’s no reason the Packers won’t make another run at the Super Bowl.


NFC East

4th Place 2-14 Washington Redskins

Rex Grossman + Jon Beck = your team competing to draft Andrew Luck. The Redskins have a few pieces, but lack enough to put together a competitive year.  Tim Hightower will be decent at running back, but with Santana Moss as your main threat at wide receiver defenses will just load the box and dare you to throw. Since Mike Shanahan is going to completely destroy and rebuild the team, hopefully with the high draft pick they get that can get an impact player.


3rd Place 8-8 New York Giants

Eli Manning won’t throw as many interceptions as last year but he won’t be great either. The defense with injuries to Osi Umenyora and Justin Tuck will be average. There’s no one player on the team that stands out to me that says they’ll make a huge impact. An average team that’ll finish with an average record. Hopefully that’ll be enough for Coach Coughlin to keep his job.


2nd Place 9-7 Dallas Cowboys

There’s something about Tony Romo that I just can’t get behind. He’s good, but not great in my opinion and he always finds a way to make a mistake at the most critical of times. And for that I refuse to get on the bandwagon. Yes, Dez Bryant is a star waiting to blow up, and once he figures it out upstairs he’s going to be deadly. The offensive line is a solid group even after the veterans they’ve released. With new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan the defense will be more aggressive and should allow for him to put up even better stats than he already has accumulated. The other weakness I see is their cornerbacks, I don’t know if they are skilled enough to handle the aggressive style of play that Ryan will implement. Successful season, no, at this stage with this group, this team is expected to make the playoffs, not just finish above .500.


1st Place 12-4 Philadelphia Eagles

With the addition of Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie the Eagles secondary is one of the best in the league. Considering Nnamdi’s ability to play some safety they have the luxury to put forth unique schemes that will allow Nnamdi, Cromartie and Samuels all to be on the field at the same time. This should allow for the front seven to get more pressure on the quarterback, but their true worth will be measured in how they stop the run. The offense is pretty much set, but the offensive line must play better. You don’t want Vick running out of necessity all of the time. No reason the few flaws they have can’t be fixed, but if they aren’t its sure to derail their Super Bowl Path


NFC South

4th Place 1-15 Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have a lot of holes on their team, but many of these problems can be masked if Cam Newton can perform anywhere near the level he did in his last year at Auburn. With a decent running back tandem that should take some pressure off of Newton. And with Steve Smith, Jeremy Shockey and Greg Olsen he’ll have a pretty reliable group to throw the ball to. If the defense can somehow hold it together they shouldn’t be too bad. Although, when you’re starting a rookie quarterback expect there to be some growing pains, this will be a rough season, but hopefully Cam and the Panthers will be better for it.


3rd Place 9-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After just missing the playoffs last season, many would think this team is on the brink of breaking through. But playing in a division with 2 Super Bowl contenders makes the task of making it to the playoffs that much harder. Kellen Winslow when healthy has the ability to give their offense a dynamic play maker a player the other team must game plan for. But with his knee problems I’m not sure how much he has left to give. With another year of experience gained from players on the defensive line the defense should be improved even though it may not show in the records. With a competitive NFC this won’t turn out to be Buccaneers year, but their future remains bright.


2nd Place 11-5 Atlanta Falcons

After getting blasted by the Packers last year in the playoffs the Falcons went and added Ray Edwards to their defensive line to take some pressure away from John Abraham. This should sure up their pass rush, but the question will be can they stop the run and get off the field to allow their offense to do the job. Matt Ryan now has a full arsenal to attack the league with. Though Michael Turner looks to have lost a slight step he’s still able to knock off 100 yards any given game. With Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White and Julio Jones as targets Ryan will have no excuses on why he can’t get this team up and down the field. Many have questioned his arm strength and this will be the test as he has two guys that can go deep. I see another playoff berth, but I’m not sure how far they can go. Not sold on the defense and Ray Edwards.


1st Place 13-3 New Orleans Saints

I truly believe that miracles do happen, and that the Saints losing to the Seahawks last year in the playoffs was a miracle of epic proportions. I don’t see the Saints not rebounding from that and playing with a chip on their shoulder this year. Expect the offense to hold steady even with the loss of Jeremy Shockey and Reggie Bush, but with the addition of Darren Sproles and Mark Ingram you can expect them to have a more impactful running game. As has been the question mark for this team, the defense, who knows what you’ll get from there, they’re almost big play or big mistake. If the defense can keep the game from becoming a shoot out the offense can definitely put up enough points to allow the defense to play aggressive and cause turnovers.


NFC West

4th Place 3-13 Seattle Seahawks

Tavaris Jackson is finally getting his time to shine, but unfortunately he won’t be so successful, Even though he’ll have Sydney Rice there with him, he’s been often injured this past year, and it’ll be hard to predict how that his will affect his play. Even with the addition of Robert Gallery and Kevin Boss I don’t think that offense will do much. The defense leaves much to be desired and though they finished tied for first last year, they’ll return to the basement of the NFC West this year. Look for them to be one of many teams vying for the chance to draft Andrew Luck


3rd Place 7-9 San Francisco 49ers

New coach, new philosophy, but same ole quarterback, although Alex Smith isn’t that bad, he’s not that great either. With that said, the job is his, so with this security let’s see how he performs. With Michael Crabtree, Braylon Edwards and Vernon Davis as his throwing targets he shouldn’t have much of a problem finding an open man. If the offensive line can keep him upright he’ll actually make a case to hold the job for another year, or at worse another job somewhere else. I like a lot of the pieces they have on defense, but I’m not in love with them. They’ll lose a few games that they should win and that will be the reason they’ll finish under .500, but there will a lot to build on for next year in Jim Harbaughs’ second year.


2nd Place 8-8 Arizona Cardinals

They hype surrounding Kevin Kolb to me is unwarranted; he hasn’t played a full 10 games and has already cashed in a big time qb contract. I’m not saying he will or won’t be good, but can we at least give him some time to prove what he will be? The last quarterback to leave the Eagles didn’t do well, so let’s not crown Kolb the best ever yet. He’s going to a team with a shaky running back with injuries that seem to keep him from reaching his potential. An outstanding wide receiver in Larry Fitzgerald will help but it’ll take some time for this team to hit their stride. Although the offense has potential that defense is highly questionable. There are a lot of old players and extremely young players and plan on starting rookie Patrick Peterson at cornerback. I think they’ll have to win games in a shootout as I don’t think that defense will be able to stop many teams.


1st Place 9-7 St. Louis Rams

Adding a decent wide receiver in Mike Sims-Walker and Josh McDaniel’s an aggressive offensive coordinator will do wonders for an offense that was already progressing nicely around Sam Bradford. If Steven Jackson can stay healthy he’ll give them the balance they need and keep the opposition off balance. For most people a no name defense, will quietly do enough to keep the Rams in most games they play in. Look for them to win the division and squeak into the playoffs in a week NFC West.


Peyton Manning Out for Week 1


Peyton Manning 208 straight games started streak will end as he will miss the seasoner opener. Colts chairman Bill Polian told ESPN NY 1050 this afternoon that indeed his franchis qb would be out. Good luck Colts fans as Kerry Collins will now be your starting quarterback.

Updated: Thursday 3pm
It has been reported that Peyton Manning has gone under the knife again. This will be the second surgery on his neck since May. The recovery timetable is probably the same as before 6-8 weeks. In my opinion, shut him down for the rest of the year. Nothing can be gained from rushing him. Allow him to heal and plenty of time for the neck to regnerate cells. Taking into account that its a neck injury one would rather operate on the side of caution.

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A Rum Made Above the Clouds

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The Indianapolis Colts and Jim Tressel have agreed that he will sit out the first 6 games of the season due to his 5 game suspension he would’ve served had he not resigned as head coach from Ohio State. On one hand this is great; considering the NFL suspended Terrelle Pryor for the same 5 games he was due to miss. However, it’s completely stupid that their taking care of the NCAA’s work for them. Let them clean up their own mess. This is a slippery slope you’re getting into, because where do you draw the line. Do you ignore transgressions from the last two years; do you plan to punishment everyone going forward? Was this even discussed during the lockout and put in the CBA? There’s too much gray area for this enforcement to be a mainstay, especially considering Roger Goodell doesn’t like to follow any type of precedent with the decisions he makes.

The NFL world was abuzz after an Indianapolis radio host said that Peyton Manning would need a second neck surgery. It was later reported that no surgery has been planned, but he has been instructed to not practice. The issue is, the nerves in his neck are healing slower than expected, and it’s more a body heals when it heals type thing. From a person who has had numerous surgeries, I completely understand the healing process and when the rehab consist of sitting and waiting until the body lets you know it’s ready you can’t be too careful. When it just doesn’t’ feel right, you have to take a step back just so you don’t cause yourself more problems later. Hopefully it’s nothing serious because if he misses any significant time, the Texans will finally be able to climb atop the AFC South mountain.

Teams Get Paid to Get Beatdown

To spin off an old Brand Nubian songs, in the first week of the NCAA football season most powerhouse schools don’t play the crème de la crème. Instead they choose to play mid major schools they can pummel. The crazy thing is these schools get paid crazy amount of money to get demolished and some national exposure. For example, Alabama hosted Kent State University and was favored by 39 points and they beat the Golden Flashes by 41. However, sometimes money is the muscle relaxer to a bad beat down. Kent State received $1.2 million to play that game. Nevertheless that wasn’t the only team that raked in big money to get molly whopped. Akron University pulled in a cool $850 thousand from The Ohio State University. Middle Tennessee State who was actually competitive in their game against Purdue only losing by three and got paid a solid $850 thousand to take their talents to Boilermaker country. Montana received $500 thousand, Indiana State $475 thousand, and Chattanooga 450 thousand and were all beat by an average of 31 points. But the biggest money maker was Louisiana Monroe who played Florida State and was paid $1.3 million to get trounced 34-0. So while players aren’t allowed to get, its more than ok for them to get beat down by teams far superior to them. Yup, sounds just like the kind of logic the NCAA would operate by. For your viewing pleasure check out the video from Brand Nubian, Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down.


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