Carson Palmer quarterback for the Bengals has threatened them that if they don’t trade him to he would retire vowing to never play in a Cincinnati uniform ever again. And up until today by all accounts we thought Carson wouldn’t. However, there are reports saying Carson visited with management in late July and left the door open for his return. If I were the Bengals on principal alone, I’d tell Carson to go kick rocks and have security escort him out. Never could you be the leader of my team, threaten to retire as a means of trying to get traded, and then think I’d welcome you back with open arms. I’d even consider just letting him rot on the bench just for pulling these antics alone. In this situation Carson acted like he was the only one frustrated with losing as if it didn’t bother anyone else on the team. Had this been anyone else besides him, the media would’ve blasted him for being selfish and only thinking of himself. It’ll be interesting to see how the Bengals go forward; if Cason does just show up he would then be owed close to $11 million dollars and would count towards their salary cap. I hope the Bengals hold their ground and force Carson to play for them, in most cases I’m all for the players exuding the power they have. However when you’re the quarterback you’re the one who’s supposed to be the leader and show them the way through bad times, not just take his ball home and quit.