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Peyton Hillis Skips Charity Event


Former NFL center was scheduled to host a Halloween charity event with current Browns running back Peyton Hillis at a local Boys & Girls club. That was until Peyton Gillis didn’t show up. according to  Bentleys’ twitter feed Hillis appeared. Now we don’t know if there is a valid reason to him not showing up but for a player who wants to get paid, but isn’t able to get on the field to showcase his talents, you don’t want to have this kind of bad publicity attached to your name. Below is  Bentleys’ tweet showing his frustration to Hillis no showing.




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After the end of the World Series the Indians will have 3 days to decide whether they’ll pick up the option of two players that they once considered a big piece of their core. Centerfielder Grady Sizemore and pitcher Fausto Carmona both have options the team has to decide to pick up or not. Fausto is due $7 million and in a game where pitching is premium you may just want to hold on to him. Yes he’s been inconsistent and has not turned out the production you’ve wanted. However, you’d hate to give him away and then he blossoms and you have nothing left to show. Fausto when he’s on has the ability to be a top of the rotation guy and can make an impact. For the salary he’s due to make, it’s worth bringing him back and maybe offering him some incentives that would put a little more dough in his pocket. Since his hang up seems to be focus why not try to motivate him with money. If he can’t harness his emotions with extra money on the line then you may have your answer on his future with the team. As for Grady, the circumstances get more complicated. When he’s healthy he has All-Star capabilities and a potential 20 homerun, 20 steals kind of player. Only thing is the last 3 years he’s been hampered by injuries. I would say bring him back as well, because if you let him go then who would you bring in to replace him? You never quit a job before you have another one, and you don’t fire someone until you have your replacement. So before you get all prepared to kick him to the curb you might want to consider that at $8 million a year if you can get just average production from him, he’ll be worth the money. Now with all that said, if they see something they don’t like with his health, then let him walk. But I don’t think it would be a bad move to keep him and Fausto, considering their salaries, the production they can provide and the fact that you may not be able to find legitimate replacements.

Sign of Support…Kind of

Fan support is always appreciated. Whether it’s shown through signs, memorabilia. It’s a fans way to let the talent know that you’re with them through the good and bad. However, if you’re going to support your team or favorite player you may just want to spell their name right. A Peyton Manning fan attended the Colts versus Saints game on Sunday night and held up their sign in support of Peyton. There was only one thing wrong… They spelled Manning’s name wrong. The fan spelled Peyton with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘e’. Poor Colts fans, just can’t catch a break, first their qb goes down, their team goes winless so far, and now the fans can’t even get spell check on their sign creation.

Word is the NBA is planning to announce on Tuesday the cancellation of two more weeks of the season and David Sterns’ threat of no basketball come Christmas day are becoming more of a reality. Since they’re meetings last week the owners have drawn their line, telling the players that unless they agree to a 50/50 split of Basketball Related Income (BRI), that they will not talk about the system of free agency, length of contracts, rookie contracts and the discussion of a hard salary cap. While the players have repeatedly said that while they aren’t opposed to agreeing to a 50/50 split, they have said they can’t take that offer without knowing how the details of the system. The players in the last agreement were receiving 57% of BRI and have offered to give back 4% offering a sliding scale of 51% – 53% which would escalate within that range with the rise of NBA revenue. This was in response to the NBAs’ claim to have taken a $300 million loss of revenue last season. The owners claim that there needs to be a complete overhaul on how business is done, but for all its claims sponsorships increased by 7% according to Though to the average American this may sound like billionaires versus millionaires, it’s more a fight of management versus labor. Let’s not be blinded by the fact that players are more visible so we see their wealth more, but they couldn’t have such money if it weren’t for the owners and executives that decided to pay them. With for all the grief players get, owners seem to skate under the radar as they lock players out of publicly funded facilities and routinely ask tax payers to pay for stadiums. Although the players look focused to this point to hold their ground, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when players start missing pay days how their unity will hold up.

During 67 minutes and 36 seconds of game action what did we learn about Tim Tebow? Absolutely nothing that we didn’t know before; his mechanics sucks, he’s going to take big hits and he’ll make one or two big plays during the game. It could be said he did more to cause the Broncos to lose than he did to help them win. I’m neither a hater nor a supporter of Tebow, but I do think he needs more time to develop. When I watch him play he just looks like he’s making it up as it goes, and that style only goes so far, you can be unpredictable all the time, organized chaos doesn’t work in a game that requires all 11 guys to be on the same page. I wish Tebow success because he’s unconventional, they same way I like to see Michael Vick and Vince Young succeed. They aren’t the norm, they have unique talents that allow them to win with methods we aren’t used to. Only thing with Tebow, though he may not be ready to start right now, the fact that he’s a “nice’’ guy and believes in morals that other place major importance in, people feel the need to elevate him because of his character instead of his performance. However, there’s no clause that says just because you’re a good guy that says you have to play, or you’re destined to be a great player. Plenty of nice guys have turned into bums and took their talents elsewhere. Now let’s see what he does during the next four games which are against teams above .500 or better, 3 of which have above average defenses. Now if he starts splitting defenses like the red sea, I just might have to change my stance on Tebow.

The game between Browns and Seahawks is the game that I’ve dubbed the great depression. One could argue it was great defense or terrible offense, but only one thing matter, the Browns won. No matter how ugly it looked, no matter how bad they played, in the end they had more points than the other team, which means you had to do something right. And for all the woes, drama, and injuries they sit a 3-3 after six games. Yes I would like Colt McCoy to play better and hit his receivers in stride more often. I’d also like to see a million dollars show in my bank account as well. However both of those goals will take time and the latter longer than the former. Colts’ best attribute was his accuracy, so it does scare me that he’s been throwing passes short, behind and leading his receivers in to devastating hits. However, with no training camp, new offense and a rookie head coach I believe that this will all come together in time, and there’s no reason to want to yank him before seasons end to see if he is “the guy”. Now that I’ve spent all this time ragging on them, lets actually take note of the defense that ranks 3rd in total defense and 5th in points given up. They do have their moments when they can’t get off the field, but all in all they’ve kept you in every game but 1. Phil Taylor and the defensive line have done a solid job under Dick Jauron holding teams to an average of 53% completion of passes and tallying a total of 16 sacks so far. So after six games in here’s the long and short of it, the offense has to play better and you have to attempt and complete passes longer 5 yards. Be more creative with your sets and don’t be so predictable with the personnel that you use. The defense is solid, but if they don’t get some help, they’ll always be gassed by the end of the game if the offense doesn’t start to create some cushion for them. You can’t expect them to play at all pro levels every possession. Furthermore they’re .500 after 6 games with plenty of time to make some noise, and plenty of reason to be optimistic if they out it all together.

Smooth Shots Episode 10


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Remember back when Donovan McNabb had braids, no wide receivers, consistently going to the playoffs and doing those Campbell soup commercials? Well that Donovan is gone, dead, buried to never be seen again. And there’s no shame in his career coming to an end, he’s 34 going into his 14th season, so his skills diminishing is to be expected. What I didn’t expect is for him to have such a nonchalant attitude towards it though. I’m not saying I want him to go Brett Favre and never let the game go, but show more than the even keel demeanor when the team that picked you to replace Favre just gave you job to a rookie. When will Donovan ever just look to the camera and say ‘this is some bulls&$t and I deserve a chance to work through this’? He always takes the cool non defensive approach as if he never has to fight for anything. Where’s the drive, the passion? I don’t doubt that he has these things so much that I don’t understand why he doesn’t come out and show it and be a little more demonstrative. Especially this season when his benching can be argued that he’s not the reason the team is losing. The defense continues to give up leads and for some reason when they get these leads they decide not to run the ball with arguably the best running back in the league. However, since they’re going to the rookie Christian Ponder it wouldn’t make much sense to go back to McNabb, might as well ride out the growing pains with Ponder and start the grooming process to see if you’ve found your qb of the future. Nevertheless, if the rest of the team plays the same as they have been for the first six weeks the outcomes of their future games may be no different.

The Oakland Raiders traded for Carson Palmer on Tuesday sending the Cincinnati Bengals a 2012 first round draft pick and a conditional draft pick in 2013. And not only is Palmer a member of the Raiders he’ll also start this Sunday when they take on the Kansas City Chiefs. For as risky as this is, for all they gave up for him they need to get him on the field to see what he can do. Though he is a veteran, going to a new team, new system, teammates and all I don’t think the transistion will be easy. Good thing is, the Raiders get a bye next week, so whatever goes awry during this game they’ll have two weeks to figure out where the learning curve is. Now judging the Bengals end of this trade… at worse they’ll get a first and a second round pick for a guy that was hell bent on not playing for them. Moreover, there’s no way Palmer can sabotage this deal. Even in his success there’s potential for the Bengals to get a higher pick. Great move by the Bengals, they got the most they could for him, let him stay home and didn’t allow this situation to become a distraction. Many people don’t credit Mike Brown for much, but for all we know today, it definitely looks like he got the best end of this deal.

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