Remember back when Donovan McNabb had braids, no wide receivers, consistently going to the playoffs and doing those Campbell soup commercials? Well that Donovan is gone, dead, buried to never be seen again. And there’s no shame in his career coming to an end, he’s 34 going into his 14th season, so his skills diminishing is to be expected. What I didn’t expect is for him to have such a nonchalant attitude towards it though. I’m not saying I want him to go Brett Favre and never let the game go, but show more than the even keel demeanor when the team that picked you to replace Favre just gave you job to a rookie. When will Donovan ever just look to the camera and say ‘this is some bulls&$t and I deserve a chance to work through this’? He always takes the cool non defensive approach as if he never has to fight for anything. Where’s the drive, the passion? I don’t doubt that he has these things so much that I don’t understand why he doesn’t come out and show it and be a little more demonstrative. Especially this season when his benching can be argued that he’s not the reason the team is losing. The defense continues to give up leads and for some reason when they get these leads they decide not to run the ball with arguably the best running back in the league. However, since they’re going to the rookie Christian Ponder it wouldn’t make much sense to go back to McNabb, might as well ride out the growing pains with Ponder and start the grooming process to see if you’ve found your qb of the future. Nevertheless, if the rest of the team plays the same as they have been for the first six weeks the outcomes of their future games may be no different.