During 67 minutes and 36 seconds of game action what did we learn about Tim Tebow? Absolutely nothing that we didn’t know before; his mechanics sucks, he’s going to take big hits and he’ll make one or two big plays during the game. It could be said he did more to cause the Broncos to lose than he did to help them win. I’m neither a hater nor a supporter of Tebow, but I do think he needs more time to develop. When I watch him play he just looks like he’s making it up as it goes, and that style only goes so far, you can be unpredictable all the time, organized chaos doesn’t work in a game that requires all 11 guys to be on the same page. I wish Tebow success because he’s unconventional, they same way I like to see Michael Vick and Vince Young succeed. They aren’t the norm, they have unique talents that allow them to win with methods we aren’t used to. Only thing with Tebow, though he may not be ready to start right now, the fact that he’s a “nice’’ guy and believes in morals that other place major importance in, people feel the need to elevate him because of his character instead of his performance. However, there’s no clause that says just because you’re a good guy that says you have to play, or you’re destined to be a great player. Plenty of nice guys have turned into bums and took their talents elsewhere. Now let’s see what he does during the next four games which are against teams above .500 or better, 3 of which have above average defenses. Now if he starts splitting defenses like the red sea, I just might have to change my stance on Tebow.