The game between Browns and Seahawks is the game that I’ve dubbed the great depression. One could argue it was great defense or terrible offense, but only one thing matter, the Browns won. No matter how ugly it looked, no matter how bad they played, in the end they had more points than the other team, which means you had to do something right. And for all the woes, drama, and injuries they sit a 3-3 after six games. Yes I would like Colt McCoy to play better and hit his receivers in stride more often. I’d also like to see a million dollars show in my bank account as well. However both of those goals will take time and the latter longer than the former. Colts’ best attribute was his accuracy, so it does scare me that he’s been throwing passes short, behind and leading his receivers in to devastating hits. However, with no training camp, new offense and a rookie head coach I believe that this will all come together in time, and there’s no reason to want to yank him before seasons end to see if he is “the guy”. Now that I’ve spent all this time ragging on them, lets actually take note of the defense that ranks 3rd in total defense and 5th in points given up. They do have their moments when they can’t get off the field, but all in all they’ve kept you in every game but 1. Phil Taylor and the defensive line have done a solid job under Dick Jauron holding teams to an average of 53% completion of passes and tallying a total of 16 sacks so far. So after six games in here’s the long and short of it, the offense has to play better and you have to attempt and complete passes longer 5 yards. Be more creative with your sets and don’t be so predictable with the personnel that you use. The defense is solid, but if they don’t get some help, they’ll always be gassed by the end of the game if the offense doesn’t start to create some cushion for them. You can’t expect them to play at all pro levels every possession. Furthermore they’re .500 after 6 games with plenty of time to make some noise, and plenty of reason to be optimistic if they out it all together.