After the end of the World Series the Indians will have 3 days to decide whether they’ll pick up the option of two players that they once considered a big piece of their core. Centerfielder Grady Sizemore and pitcher Fausto Carmona both have options the team has to decide to pick up or not. Fausto is due $7 million and in a game where pitching is premium you may just want to hold on to him. Yes he’s been inconsistent and has not turned out the production you’ve wanted. However, you’d hate to give him away and then he blossoms and you have nothing left to show. Fausto when he’s on has the ability to be a top of the rotation guy and can make an impact. For the salary he’s due to make, it’s worth bringing him back and maybe offering him some incentives that would put a little more dough in his pocket. Since his hang up seems to be focus why not try to motivate him with money. If he can’t harness his emotions with extra money on the line then you may have your answer on his future with the team. As for Grady, the circumstances get more complicated. When he’s healthy he has All-Star capabilities and a potential 20 homerun, 20 steals kind of player. Only thing is the last 3 years he’s been hampered by injuries. I would say bring him back as well, because if you let him go then who would you bring in to replace him? You never quit a job before you have another one, and you don’t fire someone until you have your replacement. So before you get all prepared to kick him to the curb you might want to consider that at $8 million a year if you can get just average production from him, he’ll be worth the money. Now with all that said, if they see something they don’t like with his health, then let him walk. But I don’t think it would be a bad move to keep him and Fausto, considering their salaries, the production they can provide and the fact that you may not be able to find legitimate replacements.