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According to John Clayton the Kansas City Chiefs have claimed Kyle Orton off waivers. Now that Orton is out from the shadows of Tim Tebow and his bible, let’s see how he performs for the rest of the year. This not only impacts the Chiefs, but the Bears as well we were considering Orton to replace Jay Cutler who recently had surgery on his thumb. As with most things there are pros and cons to this deal as well.


For the Chiefs they get a proven quarterback, no more having to scrap the bottom of the barrel for a practice squad player to just get you by.

He’s played in the division. With 2 divisional games left, he already has a familiarity with your team and the teams you will face off with while fighting for your playoff life. And can help your defense against Tim Tebow and the Broncos.

He’ll be motivated. Nothing like having someone playing with a chip on their shoulder to show they’re old team that they should’ve never been let go. During the final 6 weeks he’ll play two teams that basically told him he wasn’t good enough. With this motivation he’ll have an added incentive to be on top of his game.


It’s already Tuesday and with a game on Sunday he may just bomb in his first game. Look at how well Carson Palmer did in his first start. Time is not on their side, he doesn’t have a whole lot of time to learn the playbook and generate a rapport with the offense.

Even with upgrading the qb position, the players around him still have to produce. After signing in K.C. in the offseason Steve Breaston hasn’t been as productive as need be and Dexter McCluster hasn’t had the same impact as he did a year ago. Overall the offense ranks 28th. The supporting casts’ performance will be equally as important to the Chiefs success down the stretch.

The Chicago Bears who were rumored as one of the teams who were going to put in a claim for Orton.  Since they weren’t rewarded Orton they’ll turn to Caleb Hanie who almost guided them to victory when Jay Cutler injured his knee in the playoffs. As I see it, I don’t think picking up Orton now would help them. Mike Martz runs a complicated offense that is going to take more than cliff notes to pick up. Hanie having already been there should be able to nurse the team along until Cutler comes back.

This should make for an interesting AFC East division race as. The Chiefs are 4-6 and still play the Raiders and Broncos in week 16 and 17, which gives them some control over their own destiny.


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E.J. and Erin Henderson Have Donation to High School Rejected

When a donor makes a donation to a hospital it’s usually customary that they have a hallway, wing even a building named after them. Apparently not in Maryland; Brothers E.J and Erin Henderson current Minnesota Vikings intended to donate $20,000 to help their alma mater Aberdeen High School with repairs to the schools’ field and scoreboard. In return the Henderson’s wanted to have their family name on the new scoreboard.

However, as part of Maryland law, no family name can be placed upon public school property.

School spokeswoman Teri Kranefeld wrote in a statement:

“The Harford County Board of Education rejected the scoreboard installation proposal based on the current advertising policy parameters.”

This law was brought to light when the local board of education decided not to name the football field after fallen soldier Ryan Adle who was killed in Iraq and former captain of the Aberdeen football team.

The Henderson brothers are now taking their money back. How foul is that? It’s not as if people wouldn’t have known they donated the money. If the Henderson’s wanted to do something nice do the act and don’t ask for the money back. Performing nice deeds aren’t supposed to have conditions, so don’t get mad when they don’t bow to your request. That just makes you look petty and as if you didn’t want to help in the first place.

Emmet Golden from WKNR ESPN 850 joins me to talk about The Ohio State Buckeyes season so far and how he see’s them finishing up. Why you should go see the Cleveland State Vikings play and why he loves jumping out of tree,

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While the NBA players weigh the current proposal from the owners, David Stern has taken to the media and blaming the agents for giving their clients bad advice and being greedy.

According to Stern is quoted as saying “I just think that the players aren’t getting the information, the true information from their agents, who are banding together, sort of the coalition of the greedy and the mendacious, to do whatever they can not to have fewer opportunities for the agents to make money”.

Stern also disagrees with the players belief that decertifying the union would generate any leverage and saying “it’s not a winning strategy and “it’ll take three months to teach them it’s not a winning strategy, which would not augur well for the season”.

While it has been clear the players have little to no leverage, the tone of Sterns’ comments insinuate that they should trust whatever deal the owners place on the table. Saying you’re no longer wishing to negotiate and it’s either take this deal or a less favorable one is not indicative of a group wanting to work out a deal, but rather a group in power wanting to flex its muscles and prove they are superior.

”Joe was a little negligent; it’s sad what happened at Penn State.”  Is how Bobby Bowden when asked about his friend Joe Paterno when he spoke at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes luncheon at Doublegate Country Club. Reported by the Albany Herald, when Bowden was asked about Jerry Sandusky “I knew him like I knew you folks, it’s a shocking story. I couldn’t believe it. He was one of the nicest guys you could ever met.”

Bobby Bowden has a long history with both Paterno and Sandusky as he coached against Penn State yearly during his time as head coach with West Virginia for years and Bowden and Paterno were inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame together in 2006.

Bowden tried not to crush his friend Paterno in the decisions he made, but made it clear that the focus should be on the kids when asked if he was upset with how Paterno was let go Bowden proclaimed “there’s no nice way to dismiss somebody. That’s not what upsets me. What happened to those young boys is what upsets me. It shouldn’t have happened because somebody didn’t report it. They could have cut it out eight or nine years ago.’’

This time last season the 49ers and Bengals were a mess. The 49ers had no set quarterback and Mike Singletary was losing control of the team, while the Bengals had a quarterback that didn’t want to be there, aging receivers and injuries that never allowed them to sustain any consistency. Fast forward, both of these squads are in first place and hold complete control of their playoff destiny.

The Bengals behind a rookie quarterback in Andy Dalton and rookie receiver AJ Green haven’t missed a beat replacing Carson Palmer and OchoCinco. With a very good offensive line and Cedric Benson running the ball, the Bengals have a solid surrounding cast around Dalton so all the pressure isn’t on him. An above average defense that doesn’t get much credit, but they have very aggressive linebackers and a secondary that can make opposing teams suffer when they make mistakes. Usually bad drafters, they last few years they’ve hit on players like Rey Maualuga, Carlos Dunlap and they’ve quietly established an offensive that can protect their quarterback.

The 49ers with essentially the same team, with a few additions have only one lost, and that came in overtime. Alex Smith looks like a serviceable quarterback and has been consistently average, which is all they need from him. Frank Gore, who is on pace to rush for over 1,400 yards and 10 touchdowns has carried the team this year when needed. Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree both have 30 catches so far and have the ability to have the mismatch every game. Very solid and physical defense and have created 22 turnovers and look to annihilate you when they step on the field. Harbough has found a way to motivate this team differently Singletary did a year ago which shows in their record.

Now the question is, which of these two surprise teams do you think is for real, 49ers or Bengals. Going through some of the key positions, it breaks down to be even. I give the Bengals the edge at qb, though a rookie, I’ve seen Alex Smith enough not to trust him. I’d say at coaching their even and give the 49ers the edge in the running department. Defense I’d lean towards the 49ers and special teams is a toss up. I’d put my money on the 49ers considering the weak division they’re playing in, but I don’t expect the Bengals to just drift away, I fully believe both teams will be in the playoffs though. So cast your vote, who do you think is more legit, Bengals or 49ers?

For the Cleveland Browns this season, there’s been more drama than your average daytime soap opera. From the drama pertaining to Peyton Hillis and his contract, to the numerous injuries the Browns have suffered all of this has been compounded on top of their lackluster play on the field. However, I won’t be the one to trash them and leading the ‘get rid of everyone’ charge. This team was bad, we knew this going into the season, so why when they look horrible are we surprised? Even through all of this, there are some positives to extract, but let’s first get to the one thing they’ve done the worse, which is protecting Colt McCoy from getting clobbered. In the last 4 games he’s been hit and sacked a combine 42 times. That’s just unacceptable. At some point Shurmur is going to have to make changes if he expects Colt to survive the last 8 games. Either beef up the protection schemes, or play some guys who can keep Colts uniform from needing Tide laundry detergent extra strength.

What also needs to happen is the Browns need to execute better. Though the play calling may not be the greatest, at some point you have to execute the plays that are called. Now we may not like the 5 yard passes, but when you drop them, throw them behind the receiver, it makes no difference. Also, the coaching staff has to do a better job in game planning and adjusting faster. Every game this season, it’s taken them until the 2nd qtr to find a rythmn on offense. Why? Why can’t we adjust the scheme earlier? Why haven’t we figured out what works for Colt and mix some of that in with the West Coast Offense? I understand injuries factor into this, which limits some of the flexibility you have, but you cant continue to wait until the 4th qtr to let loose. The Browns offense is terrible, 5 out of their 8 games they’ve have less than 300 yards total offense. Only the Colts ( 6 games under 300 total yards) and the Jaguars ( 8 games under 300 total yards) are worse in the AFC. I get the theory of seeing if Colt can make the guys around him better in your system, but at some point you have to put your team in a position to succeed, beyond the scope of what you originally had planned.

Now everything isn’t all bad. The defense for the most part has been pretty good. A few breakdowns here and there wouldn’t be so bad if the offense gave them some cushion. The secondary is above average, D’Qwell Jackson is having a great season, and the rookies on the line have played well. Now we do need a stud pass rusher, but there’s no glaring weakness on the defense that you can point to and say, he’s the weak link. Depth would be great, but with their extra draft picks that will come.

For all the doom and gloom, this team still has a chance to win 3 or 4 more games and finish right where we thought they would. Though the process is rough, it’s nothing you can skip. You have to be patient and give them time to turn this thing around. I’m not saying give them a free pass, but give them more than 8 games to build their foundation.

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