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With bowl season upon us one thing we can all agree on is that the BCS
isn’t the fairest system in sports. However, similar to the NFL the
BCS and NCAA in tandem have found a way to consistently generate
attention. For good or bad, you make sure to take time out of your
Saturday to watch your favorite school and a team that ISN’T your alma
mater. From 11 am Saturday to 2 am Sunday you can watch as much
college football as your significant other will allow. But lost in the
lure of tradition, pads thumping and bands playing is the wear and
tear on the kids.

While many will bang their own drum advocating for a playoff system in
hopes of declaring a true champion, the student athletes are the ones
who will get the short side of the stick. If a playoff system was
instituted it would take up much if not all of the kids winter break.
Remember, those same student athletes who don’t get any tangible
payments for playing college football. Those same student athletes who
can’t work, allow a booster to buy them dinner, or even sell their own

Even if we all agree that the notion of student athlete is a farce,
the fact still remains you want these athletes to play more games with
the same amount of compensation. In what other realm of
society/business is it ok for people to do more work and not get
compensated accordingly? Save the argument that they get a free
education, you can’t spend the knowledge you would get from your 7
ideas course. How about a little pocket money; nothing extravagant,
just enough to make them think before they accept something from
people who are offering them that could get them in trouble. Don’t you
think if they had a modest amount to rely on they wouldn’t be so
tempted to take illegal benefits?

However we want them to unwillingly forgo their vacation, play more
games and still not get paid. Sounds like fans are the selfish ones in
this equation. At this point having a playoff system matters none to
me. Until the players are compensated more and coaches are held to the
same standard to honor their contract the same way student athletes
are when it comes to them honoring their scholarship, I don’t care.
Now before you are so quick to speak about how unfair the BCS system
is, just remember the student athletes who have to deal with the short
sighted NCAA and think about all the study time they would lose out on
if a playoff was to come to fruition.


It’s All In A Name

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Snapdragon by Qualcomm for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The home of the San Diego Chargers, Qualcomm Stadium will under go a temporary name change to one the of the brands they own. For the next 10 days the stadium will now be called ‘Snapdragon Stadium’.

Why the name change you ask? Well Snapdragon processors are already placed in many of your favorite phones and phones that you will be purchasing this holiday season, but to bring more awareness and more buzz having the name said to millions of viewers during mulitple sporting events is promotion you can’t shy away from.

As mentioned, snapdragon processors are in some of the most popular phones on the market; the Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Amaze, HTC Sensation and much more.

If your  a sports fan you can tune in to the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl on December 28th to see the redesigned logo around the stadium and hear the temporary name change. Also on Sunday January 1st when the San Diego Chargers host the Baltimore Ravens you can enjoy great football, and a viewing experience Snapdragon Stadium will offer.

What makes a Snapdragon processor so special? In short, who likes to wait for anything? With a snapdragon processor, the wait is over. Your phone will open applications, emails, text messages and glide from screen to screen with ease. Snapdragon processors are lauded as one of the fastest processing chips on the market right now.

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Snapdragon processors by Qualcomm are the digital brains inside mobile devices made

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While it seems like defenses can’t stop the Tim Tebow madness from happening, Riverhead High School principal put an end to the ‘Tebowing’ craze. According to Yahoo nearly 40 students decided to bow down in the hallway to pay homage between classes, and do the Tim Tebow pose.

The school suspended four students who they believed organized the impromptu celebration for one day saying they were ‘blocking the schools hallways’. Conner and Tyler Carroll who both play on the football team, Wayne Drexel and Jordan Fulcoly were the four students disciplined,

Conner was the most surprised about the punishment levied upon him;

“The administration told us that our Tebowing was blocking the halls and could potentially cause a riot, because they were growing in number and if the wrong kid gets pushed a brawl could ensue. We had no idea that we could get suspended for such a thing. It was a joke between a group of friends that took a life of its own. We figured at the most we would just be told to stop.”

Now if you ask me they shouldn’t have been suspended, they should be applauded. To arrange such a celebration shows valuable skills such as leadership. Can you imagine how hard it was to coordinate 40 other people do something at once? Furthermore to be that organized alludes to their knack for preparation. And think of it this way, you suspended them for an act of fun, allowing them to have a day free of school… doesn’t seem like much of a punishment if you ask me.

On Thursday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers viewers weren’t the only one to see canaries flying around Colt McCoys head. After the game Brad McCoy father of Colt, told the Plain Dealer that his shouldn’t have been put back in the game and let his feelings be known.

Brad McCoy said.

“He never should’ve gone back in the game. He was basically out [cold] after the hit. You could tell by the rigidity of his body as he was laying there. There were a lot of easy symptoms that should’ve told them he had a concussion. He was nauseated and he didn’t know who he was. Colt takes a severe hit like that, and he’s back in the game [two plays] play later? If he took another blow to the head, we could’ve been talking about his career here. I certainly didn’t think he’d be out only [two plays], it would’ve taken my high school trainer longer than that to determine if he was OK after a hit like that.”

You can tell Brad McCoy is upset and suspect of the Browns handling of Colts’ concussion. This wouldn’t be the first time the Browns training staff has been question, in a span of 4 years (2004-2008) they had 6 players come down with a staph infection.

When No Comment Helps Us All

Most of us work a job where if we said what was truly on our mind to our boss we’d likely get written up, and at worse, fired. So why is this concept not taken into account when pertaining to athletes? If anything athletes should be the first ones to say no comment considering all the outlets available to spread, turn and twist their words any which way but straight. Most of the time nothing good happens when athletes open up and are engaging. Outside of a select few, you’re branded a self promoting prima donna, or you’re a locker room cancer.

Below I look at two situations of when players in my opinion would’ve been best served to keep quiet.

Let’s take a look the current situation going on in Cleveland. Josh Cribbs, fan favorite and known baller. The last two weeks he’s worn his emotions on his sleeves expressing his frustration for losing through the media. Back to back Sundays he’s talked to the media after games and every Monday local media has crushed him for being selfish and directing all attention to him. While fans may like his candidness, this method of expressing his disdain for losing may not be best. While fans are appeased by his yapping, do you think his teammates are happy that they have to answer questions about what Josh said. Think about it. Do you like to be held accountable for what your co-worker did/said at work? I know I don’t. Though it’s nice to hear Josh’s frustrations, but let’s not diminish everyone else’s’ desire to win just cause they choose to be silent.

How about Desean Jackson in Philly, the city of brotherly love; after his brief holdout he decided it would be best if he reported to training camp without a new contract. Moreover what has ensued: his Pro Bowl caliber qb is injured, the team is really bad and he’s still without a multi-million dollar extension. And after one of their worst games when he was shown to be disengaged, he walks out on reporters after a couple questions he didn’t like. Now in a place where they probably like combativeness (remember they booed Santa Clause) while it was entertaining watching Desean walk out, he would’ve been best served just saying ‘no comment’. Or where was the P.R. person to run some interference so that he’s not allowed to put his foot in his mouth. Desean may have made some mistakes on how he’s handled things this year, but at this point in the season, there’s nothing Desean can say to help his cause. He’s better off just staying quiet and allowing his agent to do his job behind the scenes.

The long and short of it is, choose your words wisely, know when to stand down, and when to fight. Sometimes it’s better to be thought a fool then to speak and remove all doubt. In both of these scenarios it might’ve been better for these two to remain quiet. Not casting guilt or innocence on either of these guys, but they’re fighting a battle they can’t win. While they may be pandering to their current fan base, or pushing them away, in professional sports, you have to keep in mind everything you do is on the record for the next team you may play for to see. Furthermore what’s acceptable today may not be tomorrow.

Are you happy now? Do you feel vindicated world? LeBron James finally went on TV and said he was sorry, admitted to his mistake that was ‘The Decision’ and said he would do it differently if he could. He didn’t pass this off on his team, manager, family or pressure. He took it on the chin. A little too late, maybe, nonetheless he copped to it, isn’t that what we all wanted?

Now for those of us that live in Cleveland I’m not here to say get over it, but there must be a line drawn, wouldn’t you agree? The vulgar name calling isn’t needed, and I’m not asking you love him.

However, let’s treat him, like every other villain we’ve had. Boo him emphatically; hope he misses every big shot and that his team loses every big game. But I don’t think there is any reason to allow it to be personal.

As a fan, I’ve moved on, he was never my favorite player because of his game, but I rooted for him because he played for my team and it was nice having the best player in the league on your team. Do I wish he would’ve given the Cavs 2 weeks’ notice so they could prepare? Yes. However, the man wanted to get away from home, leave the nest and play with some dudes he thought could help him achieve his goal. Mind you, most of us have these same feelings and either our situation doesn’t allow us to make the same move LeBron did, or we’re too scared to take the risk. Give him credit for taking a risk, going against the grain, and though it didn’t work in its first year, if he gets a ring or two, wouldn’t you say it was worth it?

But answer my question NBA, basketball, sports fans. Are you happy, isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted from every professional athlete, accountability? So will you give him credit for that, will you now judge him only on his play on the court and leave his personality flaws (which we all have) out of the equation.

Or will the vitriol remain until you feel like it’s enough?

If you listened to a lot of talk going around, you’d think Baron Davis is finished and has nothing left to offer. You ask me, and I’ll tell you that for a team with a young core, highly touted rookie point guard and in dire need of leadership, Baron can give a lot to a team right now especially the Cleveland Cavs.

What most will dismiss is Baron hasn’t been fully healthy the last few years of his career; so what better place to be than Cleveland, with one of the best collection of hospitals in the world (Cleveland Clinic, Metro Health, University Hospitals). However, his back issues and lack of support with the Clippers may have contributed to his lack luster play. The Clippers have been historically bad, and when they didn’t retain Elton Brand to play with him what else did he have to look forward to besides playing at home. Not to mention, sometimes playing at home, can be more a detriment. Not to say it was a distraction, but it’s like when he got back to Los Angeles, he fell into the black hole of the NBA.

His value with the Cavs comes in when you look at their roster, there are very few players that can stand up in the locker room and command respect from day one. Thus after a lockout, a training camp that will be shortened and rushed, who are the young guys supposed to look to for guidance, who is going to take them under their wing and show them the ropes. Only 3 players on the team have been in the league 7 years or longer, and most of the guys with more than 2 years of experience have been journey men or 8th/9th guys on the bench, but are getting a chance with us because we’re that bad.

So before you get so gung ho to trade away a two time all star consider the ramifications. Furthermore before you say they can use him in the amnesty program (a provision that allows you to release a player and have his salary not count against the salary cap), he’s more valuable to them on the team than playing for someone else, considering they would still be paying him. I’m pretty sure Dan Gilbert or any other billionaire, isn’t interested in paying people to go away. I’m not saying that having a mentor is going to guarantee that Kyrie Irving becomes a top flight point guard, but having a peer you can relate to makes the transition a lot smoother.

If you’re going to make arguably a business phone call that will impact your current employer for the next 10 years, you may want to make sure it’s not at 1 am. As reported by Bob Vander Weide Oralndo Magic President & Chief Executive Office made the 1 am phone call to Dwight Howard to discuss the business of him staying in Orlando. Now considering the relationship between the two, this may not have been a big issue, however, if the relationship is great, why would Vander Weide resign/retire after the news of this call broke?

After Vander Weide confirmed he made the call, he had this to say to BHSN:

“I was playing paddle with friends and had a couple of glasses of wine. Maybe Dwight thought it was inappropriate to talk business after a couple of glasses of wine… Maybe I should have waited until the morning.”

You think! I mean who doesn’t want to talk about business at 1 am, especially after a couple drinks. The sad thing is, this probably won’t be the root cause for Dwight staying or leaving, but the embarrassment has cost someone their very lucrative and exclusive job.

This should show us that all this fuss about sports is silly at times. We get so emotionally invested in something that is merely entertainment for us all. We neglect to realize that people around these situations have jobs at stake.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard is reporting via their True Hoop blog that the Boston Celtics if offered would be open to trading point guard Rajon Rondo to bring in another scorer alongside Paul Pierce. While scoring is an important factor, cornerstone point guards are hard to find. If you place to the right pieces around him, Rondo can create scoring opportunities for players.

Look at Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, they’ve both had the highest field goal percentage of their career last season both shot 49%. During the last three seasons Pierce’s per game average has increased and some of that has to be accredited to Rondo.

If I was Danny Ainge I would hope and pray Jeff Green can emerge as the 6th man and be the one who can provide some scoring, as I would say scorers are easier to find than franchise point guards.

Donovan McNabb will go down as an all-time great quarterback and borderline hall of famer; however no one will ever look at him as the poster boy for having a back bone. Per Donovan sent text messages on Friday saying he was happy he went unclaimed.

Who’s happy to get fired and not get hired by teams who could use his services? If you look at his stats he wasn’t great, but by no means was he terrible either. He completed 60% of his passes thus far and with slightly over a thousand passing yards racked up, would’ve had a good shot to hit the three thousand yard mark.

Now as Robert Littal will point out, Donovan will kill his share of gophers, nonetheless he was decent this year and to be happy to be unemployed may be the sign that he doesn’t have the passion to put in the work anymore. I understand his thought process of being unclaimed, which would then give him the option to sign with whoever he wanted to. However it’s not like the teams that were considering him were bums, the Texans and Bears are in the middle of a playoff run and if he could lead them to the promise land it would only do wonders for him. The Cowboys could’ve gave him a roster spot and we know Tony Romo is one bad play away from being thought of as a bum and has never had a legitimate backup to push him to be great.

We’ve always seen Donovan be the utmost professional, always say and do the right thing. Although it seems as he’s gotten older he lost his knack to be the professional, or at least be portrayed that way. I mean, who goes on national TV after being let go with a ‘Make it rain’ shirt on expecting to get a job. Furthermore if you’re going to go with the ‘make it rain’ shirt, you must have a Slick Rick type chain to compliment, not that weak rope he had on.

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