There are times when life intervenes and is more important than a football game. Kirby Wilson, Running Backs coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers was absent for the Steelers lose in Denver after he was admitted to the hospital after his Seven Fields Townhouse caught fire early Friday morning.

At 2:42 am firefighters arrived at Wilsons’ home where he was home alone and found him severely burned. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette he suffered burns to 30%-50% of his body.  Jeffrey Schueler, director of public safety in Cranberry, Pa said after being taken to the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Cranberry  he was then transferred by helicopter to UPMC Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh Pa.

Steelers President Art Rooney II had this to say in a statement released on their team website;

“First and foremost our thoughts and prayers are with Kirby and his entire family. We are saddened to hear about this unfortunate situation but we know that he has the best medical care in the country treating him. The entire organization is praying for Kirby to have a full recovery and we will be by his side through this difficult time.”

As a burn survivor of 22 years and having multiple surgeries in relation to my scar, I can empathize with what Wilson is going through. One of the biggest obstacles he will have to overcome will be the sensitivity of his scars, not just the burn, but also from the skin graph (surgeons remove healthy skin from another part of the burned person’s body and graft it to the burned treat to cover the wound; For more information visit His recovery will be long and tough. However, with proper care and a positive mind state he can maintain a lifestyle that he always has. With not knowing where exactly the worst scars are, it would be hard to say if it will affect his coaching at all.

I wish Mr Wilson a safe recovery, and would tell him to stay as positive as he can as he goes through his recovery.