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The Cleveland Browns made waves earlier in the day when they traded up to with the Minnesota Vikings to get the guy they wanted in Trent Richardson. Well the Browns weren’t done making noise in the draft as they selected Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Many scouts and mock drafts had Weeden being selected in the 2nd; however the Browns chose to get their guy before anybody else had the chance to snatch him off the board.

As evident by today’s action, the Browns were bound and determined to get the guys they wanted, and they landed both of them.

With the Browns drafting Weeden in the first round, all signs point to Colt McCoy not being the incumbent starter and Weeden having a legit shot at starting on opening day. Weeden will hopefully have some more weapons alongside him and Richardson to help turn around an offensive that was dreadful last season.

With all the activity the Browns have shown thus far, it’ll be interesting to see how they proceed with the 2nd round of the NFL Draft. They still need a wide receiver and help on the right side of the offensive line, so let’s see what Gm Tom Heckert does to upgrade the team.

Below are the picks the Browns have remaining in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Round 2, Pick 5 (37)

Round 3, Pick 4 (67)

Round 4, Pick 5 (100)

Round 5, Pick 25 (160) (From Broncos)

Round 6, Pick 34 (204) (Compensatory selection), Round 6, Pick 35 (205) (Compensatory selection)

Round 7, Pick 38 (245) (Compensatory selection), Round 7, Pick 40 (247) (Compensatory selection)



For years the Browns have been searching for an indentity and it seems they have finally found one.

For all you searching for it, here’s a picture of Trent in a Browns uniform. Finally, someone other teams have to prepare for.

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The Cleveland Browns moved up one spot trading picks in the 4th, 5th and 7th round and the number 4 pick overall to Minnesota Vikings for the 3rd pick.

The Browns went after their guy not allowing teams like the Buccaneers or Rams to move up and draft the new running back of the Browns Trent Richardson.

Now the fireworks aren’t over for the Browns as they still have the 22nd puck in the draft and with then already being aggressive, I wouldn’t rule out anything at this point.

Congratulations Tent Richardson and welcome to Cleveland.

Bone Pugs and Harmony- Video

Thought this video was pretty funny, pugs re-enacting Bone Thugs N Harmonys’ hit First of da month. Its quite hilarious.

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When you play for the Washington Wizards and your team has the second worst record in the league, what would you do to close out the season? Some people would say, they’re going to go into hiding, no need to have people clowning you for your terrible season. Others would say, hit the gym with a vengeance and come back better prepared.

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Well Andray Blatche has other plans. As pointed out in the flyer, he’s hosting an after party after the Wizards final game of the season. Now I’m not going to say that he shouldn’t party, hang out, and kick. But what I will say is, there’s a time and a place, and this just comes off bad. Considering how bad you and your team sucked, if the first thing I hear you doing is partying and attempting to drink your losses away, that just isn’t going to resonate with some.

Once again, not saying don’t go kick, just saying don’t rub it in people’s faces that “I’m rich, even though we have 44 losses I still get paid anyway, so let’s pop bottles’’. Just saying.

Metta World Peace was handed down a suspension from the NBA for his elbow to the head of Thunder guard James Harden. He was hit with 7 games which will keep him out of the last game of the regular season, the first round and potentially 2 games in the second round.

World Peace aka Ron Artest expressed remorse when he addressed the media earlier today per ESPN;

“It was bad timing for me and then, physically, it was bad timing for Mr. Harden,” World Peace said after practice was over. “Who can write up a left-hand dunk and then all of the sudden somebody is right behind you? It’s hard to draw that up and to plan something like that. It was just the worst timing for me.”

… I was just way too emotional. It seemed like anger but it was a lot of passion involved. But it was erratic. It was erratic fire, it was erratic passion. It was way too much. Way too much …

“It definitely wasn’t meant to hit him how I hit him. That’s the best way I could describe those sequence of plays and the erratic passion.”

While some take World Peace at his word and believe that the elbow he threw was inadvertent, however, David Stern wasn’t so comforting, he had this to say regarding the suspension that was handed down.

“I believe that it was recklessly thrown and I believe that in looking at the replays again and again that he should have known that James was up against him, and some would argue that he had to have known,”

“It’s really very serious stuff and it does take in account the fact that the perpetrator is who he is and has the record that he has, and this called for in our view a very stiff penalty and we think that seven games, which only includes one regular-season game, is such a stiff penalty.”

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If you ask me, I’m ok with him getting 7 games, that seems fair enough, but the way World Peace is being judged is completely unfair. We can’t continue to pick and choose who we allow to grow and change, and who we deem as evil. Yes he was involved in the worse fight in NBA history, but how long are you going to hold that against him. It’s been 8 years now, to believe he is the same person as he was then is naïve and more points to how you view change in your own life. At some point we have to let people move on from the mistakes they’ve made. If not, we should ban the narrative that America is the land of second chances.

EA Sports announced the new cover for Madden 13 and via vote through ESPN Sportsnation, Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson will grace this year’s cover to the hollowed sports game.

Now we all know the history behind the Madden cover curse, hopefully Calvin Johnson won’t fall victim to it this year. However, if he was to now be cursed, I wonder what would happen to him. Would he just up and retire like Barry Sanders did, and send the franchise back into a downturn. Will he go Latrell Sprewell and choke a coach or punch quarterback Matt Stafford in the face?

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Could he be just flat out disrespectful and drive a Chevy truck to work and park it in Mr. Fords’ parking space, leading to him being escorted out of the facility. Who know?

Just kidding, hopefully nothing happens to Megatron and he puts the curse to bed.

Updated 5/11/12:
Here’s the official Madden 13 cover

Check out the latest episode of Smooth Shots as we discuss Metta World Peaces elbow and suspension. We also speak with Mike Slife of Ourlads Scouting Service about the 2012 NFL Draft. Click the picture below and enjoy.


Ourlads Scouting Services’ Mike Slife joined me on my radio show Smooth Shots and talked some NFL Draft, which takes place Thursday. We discussed the possibilities for the Cleveland Browns, offensive lineman Mike Adams drama, and who has as sleepers. You want more Mike check him out on twitter @NFLScoutForHire or go to Ourlads webpage. Check out the interview below and enjoy. Remember Smooth Shots airs live every Tuesday at 11 and you can download the podcast, or subscribe to the show via Itunes on the show page here ===>>>

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As the soap opera with Dwight Howard progresses, there will now be a long intermission as Howard will have season ending back surgery, according to ESPN.

Dwight had missed the last week with back pain and was diagnosed with a bulging disk in his back.

Howard will surgery and will miss the rest of the regular season, playoffs and the summer Olympics.

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Now things become interesting, as the Orlando Magic with their options on whether to trade Howard or roll the dice and see if they can resign in the summer of 2013. But with this back injury will suitors be as willing to give up the farm not knowing how Howard’s back will be long term.

As I’ve said before, the Magic should’ve rid them selves of this headache long time ago.

Nonetheless let’s hope that Dwight recovers fully from this, we’ve seen what back injuries can do to players, i.e. David Robinson.

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