EA Sports announced the new cover for Madden 13 and via vote through ESPN Sportsnation, Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson will grace this year’s cover to the hollowed sports game.

Now we all know the history behind the Madden cover curse, hopefully Calvin Johnson won’t fall victim to it this year. However, if he was to now be cursed, I wonder what would happen to him. Would he just up and retire like Barry Sanders did, and send the franchise back into a downturn. Will he go Latrell Sprewell and choke a coach or punch quarterback Matt Stafford in the face?

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Could he be just flat out disrespectful and drive a Chevy truck to work and park it in Mr. Fords’ parking space, leading to him being escorted out of the facility. Who know?

Just kidding, hopefully nothing happens to Megatron and he puts the curse to bed.

Updated 5/11/12:
Here’s the official Madden 13 cover