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There’s always been an overlap with sports and entertainment where, entertainers love to envision themselves as athletes and athletes dreaming of seeing themselves on the big screen.

Well in a summer league in Los Angeles the two worlds collided for a pretty exciting play. Toronto Raptors guard Demar Derozan and rapper The Game participated in a Drew League summer league game. Not often do you get to see a rapper throw a nice lob pass to an NBA player. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

For those wondering, rapper The Game actually was a decent basketball player in high school before injuring his knee.


With Twitter you can be called out on anything you say, which makes for very entertaining dialogue as well as potential disaster. Reporters now have to answer to those they report on and athletes now have a better way to control their image and message.

Adrian Wojnarowski recently wrote a piece that a league source eluded to Deron Williams not staying with the Brooklyn Nets in the event they were to get the #1 pick in the NBA Draft Lottery and that it would still take Dwight Howard to keep him.

Well word got around to Deron and he took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter, throwing out random thoughts on who could’ve been the source that talked to Wojnarowski.

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Now what makes this interesting is, even if a league source did tell Wojnarowski some inside information, there’s no way for him to prove it, as a journalist he can’t reveal his source. So all he has to rely on is his reputation for being an objective writer.

In the end, we will find out who turned out to be in about a year when Deron has to make the decision on to stay with the Nets or to move on. In the meantime check out the funny tweets from Deron as he and his followers speculate on who Wojnarowskis’ source is.


In what he thought was just another innocuous tweet, Drake threw out into the atmosphere that the first million was the hardest to acquire.

Well as a person who has no millions, who would I be to disagree with Drake right? However there are plenty of billionaires who would like to think differently on said mission.

Boone Pickens known billionaire tweeted back at Drake that the first billion is a whole lot harder.

No lie, this really happened, see below…

Boone Pickens tweets back at Drake

Not often you can see someone get styled on for such a throw away statement. What makes this so funny is who would’ve picked Boone Pickens as the one to hit Drake with such a hard right to the jaw? If he’s going to tweet stuff like this, then I’m going to have to hit that follow button on Mr Pickens and you should do the same.

Did you miss the last episode of Smooth Shots, no problem we got you right here. We went heavy on the NBA Playoff conversation. We discussed the Spurs putting on a basketball clinic on the Thunder. Which match up would you prefer to see out of the four teams left. As well as discussing the future of the Boston Celtics. Click the picture to be taken directly to the podcast and you can subscribe to the podcast.

Smooth Shots Ep40 NBA Playoffs Talk 05/29 by JbSmooth84 | Blog Talk Radio.

Players play their entire career for primarily two things, money to take care of their family, and to win a championship. When a team wins a championship they’ll usually give their employees a bonus, even better they’ll give them a championship ring too.

Well apparently one Green Bay Packer employee would’ve opted for the money, as team Employee Sarah Pace sold her Super Bowl XLV ring to a pawn shop in Grand Chute, Wisconsin according to It was purchased by 71 year old Packer fan Dennis Brucks. As for how he feels about now having an authentic Super Bowl ring he had this to say;

“When you want something relating to the Packers, how can you get any better than this?”

Must be pretty cool to have that type of memorabilia, and couple that with witnessing the Ice Bowl in 1967 live he’s just about done everything there is for a Packer fan to do.

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However, I know this has to make some all time greats that never won a ring salty that Pace would sell off their piece of history when they spent their entire career chasing the ultimate goal. Hopefully Pace isn’t going through grave financial troubles and that’s why she sold it. Perhaps she just isn’t a football and just didn’t see that value in keeping it.

As reported by Indians designated hitter Travis Hafner has been placed on the 15 day disabled list due to an injury to his right knee.

This should come as no surprise as in the last 4 years he’s been on the disabled list 6 times. We should not only be used to him being injured at this point, expect him to be injured. I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer on Hafner; however his production the last few years has been very low to nonexistent. Though his production has provided a nice jolt in the middle of the lineup if you can’t rely on him to play every day what good is he to you?

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This season he’s hit 6 homeruns and 23 RBI, not bad for the first month of the season, and considering his power numbers has been down in previous season, this would rank as phenomenal for him.

Hopefully it’s nothing more than just a bruise and a after a couple weeks off and rehab he’ll be able to return to play and produce at the rate he was prior to the injury. The only concern I have is, while he is out, the Indians won’t have enough offense to maintain their current position.

After OTA’s Dolphins first year coach Joe Philbin announced that the Dolphins will be featured on the newest season of HBOs’ Hard Knocks.

When asked about the reasons they chose to be featured on the show Philbin had this to say;

“Number one it was a football decision and it was made by the football operations staff. Our owner, Steve Ross, supported our decision but in no way, shape or form forced us to make this decision. I’m personally very excited about it and I shared my thoughts about it with our football team this morning. It’s a football show and it’s a show that’s going to showcase our players and the great group of men that we have assembled here in Miami as they go through training camp.

“The second thing is I think it’s a great opportunity for us to connect with our fans and to the people that aren’t going to be able to come out here on a daily basis in 110-degree heat index weather and watch our guys participate in training camp. The third thing is I think it’s a chance for us to show the new direction, the identity of this football team, where we’re headed and at the same time also connect with our past and the great history, tradition and heritage that we have here in Miami.” Courtesy of

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The show will air its first episode on August 7th and will air on Tuesdays for 5 four hour episodes.

While the Dolphins may end up being an entertaining team for the world to see, as of today, besides Reggie Bush, I see nothing entertaining about this team. My choice would’ve been the New York Jets. Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan, it would’ve been a disaster waiting to happen, and I’m all for disaster and chaos in situations like these. Though I understand why the Jets would turn down the opportunity, I think it would’ve been a ratings bonanza.

Nonetheless, I will watch, since Reggie Bush is on the team we’ll get a Kim Kardashian cameo. I think that’s a backfield we can all enjoy.

The Boston Celtics had one of the best scoring quarters of any team in the playoffs putting up 35 points allowing them to go into halftime with the game. Outside of that sole quarter the Celtics though competitive were out played and looked like a team that was a step slow. The Celtics have had a great run, but there comes a time were all great teams have the torched ripped from their grasps.

That time for the Celtics is now.

The Heat beat the Celtics last year in 5 games, exercising demons that had haunted LeBron from his days in Cleveland where it seemed as if he couldn’t beat the proverbial big brother. Well the little brother has gotten better and went down to Miami to connect with his cousins and they are on their way to sending the Celtics home again for a second straight season.

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However the Celtics have no reason to hang their head, with the odds against them they weren’t supposed to even make it this far. At the beginning of the season they miss out on free agent David West because David Stern and the NBA vetoed the Chris Paul trade which didn’t allow the Celtics and New Orleans Hornets to complete a sign and trade for West. Then the Celtics lose their young power forward Jeff Green for the season due to a heart condition. Make matters worse, during the season they lose another big man Chris Wilcox to a heart condition which would put him on the sidelines. Add insult to injury, Jermaine O’Neal gets injured and is eventually released. That’s three big men that you can’t completely replace. Factor in Paul Pierce and Ray Allen have been battling injuries all playoffs, it’s nothing short of a miracle that they have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. And it goes to show you the kind of fight they have in them to persevere through all the turbulence of this lockout shortened season.

Nonetheless, all great runs come to an end. The 49ers in the late 80’s ran into the Giants and Cowboys of the 90’s only to rebound and win 1 more championship in 1994. Don’t forget the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers ceding their dominance to M.J. to start his first 3peat. The Chicago Bulls even had to relinquish their strangle hold on the NBA once Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson left.

What the Celtics have done the last 5 years should be celebrated; 1 NBA championship, 2 NBA Finals appearances, never making it shorter than the second round of the playoffs, all this done while on the back end of your career. Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce all could’ve played elsewhere, made more money, and fed into their ego. However they put all that to the side to win, understanding that they could no longer do it alone after years of trying.

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Yes, theoretically they still have a chance to win one more title, but the odds are clearly against them. Avery Bradley, their best perimeter defender is out the remainder of the playoffs, and Ray Allen is in one of the worse shooting slumps of his career. But instead of looking at the Celtics and feeling sorry for them, let’s celebrate what they have accomplished with skill and maturity. They play injured, hurt and shorthanded and still find a way to win through it all.

While referees most times get no love when they do a good job, there are more times than not that they get the call right more than wrong.

Well, today isn’t one of those times. In game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the referees doled out 3 technical fouls in the 2nd quarter on the Boston Celtics, and all of them were highly questionable.

Now I won’t goes as far to say they had a great impact on the outcome on the game, but they had a pretty good impact on the psyche on the Celtics. Any athlete will tell you the worse way to play is with too much thought. You want to play loose, free of heavy thoughts, and when you’re thinking about the referees, you’re not playing loose. Once the refs made their presence felt, you take away a vital part of the Celtics game.

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They stopped being physical, and emotional. They didn’t want to make a mistake, have a play misinterpreted, because they didn’t want to get another technical. On any of the three technical fouls the refs could’ve held their whistle and no harm would’ve been done. I understand the referees wanting to have control of the court, but the technical fouls they called weren’t indications of a team testing the officials limit. I’ve never been one to rail on officials for making themselves part of the game, but if there ever was a moment they wanted to be, it was definitely last night.

If you missed it, below is video of the three technical fouls that were called on the Boston Celtics in the second quarter.


In a story from the Miami Herald Udonis Haslem admits to comitting the flagrant foul that resulted in him being suspended for game 6 as retaliation for the foul on Tyler Hansborough.

“I can’t imagine anything I wouldn’t do for Dwayne” said Haslem.

Not that we needed his admission to tell us his foul was retaliation, however the story Dan Le Batard paints is the deep bond that him and Dwayne Wade share.

Le Batard explains how Haslem has passed on millions more to take less and play in Miami. Their relationship comes off described as big brother little brother.

With all that being said, glad to see someone on the Miami Heat be accountable for their actions. His accountability allowed for his explanation and story be accepted.

Here’s the link to check out the whole story to read Le Batard.

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