Note: This is story is a dramatization, this is for comedic purpose only. Enjoy.

There were many questions about what happened to Amar’e Stoudemires hand and the battle he had with the fire extinguisher. It went down like this. The New York Knicks just got run off the court by the Miami Heat and now being down in the series 2 games to none. Steamed by what just transpired, he stormed off the court headed to the locker room. Plenty of boos reign down upon him from the stands, as fans are relentless in their attack. By the time Amar’e reached the tunnel his emotions had run over. And then it happened, the fire extinguisher door was wide open, basically challenging Amar’e to slam it in frustration.

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What Amar’e was unaware of, was the sharp corners that equipped it with skills to cut like a knife.
Amar’e thought he was in the clear, extended his left arm swung his hand and ma

de a solid connection with the door that would drop any 5 foot 9 and under MMA fighter. However, this was no normal opponent. While most in adamant objects are not able to defend themselves, we know this is not to be true of the fire extinguisher door. While Amar’e thought he would release his frustration and move on, the door had other plans. Once the door came in contact with Amar’e, the door then went into GO GO Gadget mode, shifting from a safe locking measure to a world class ginsu knife and sliced off half of Amar’es’ hand. While Amar’e thought he won via 1st round knockout, the fire extinguisher countered with a blow that would render Amar’e injured and needing stitches. Let this be a lesson, to all, young and old, don’t mess with in adamant objects as they do fight back. Below are exclusive photos from the scene in Miami. My sources also tell me that the door whispered as Amar’e walked by that he was “not to be f$%&ed with”.

All jokes aside, now that Amar’e is ok, these jokes are lot easier to tell. I understand the frustration he felt at the moment and though he makes millions of dollars, he too can be emotional and make a mistake. Too many times we don’t allow athletes to be human, we want them to be perfect and do no wrong, which is unfair. While many want to crucify him for hurting his team, I ask you this… Were they gonna beat the Heat with Amar’e? I think not, healthy or not the Knicks were getting bounced in the first round.