There are three things my dad taught me to never mess with when it comes to another man;

1 his money

2 his lady and

3 his kids

Well apparently Lamar Odoms’ teammates either didn’t know these rules, or they just didn’t care. As reported by Dallas Maverick players voted that Lamar Odom not receive his share of post season compensation. To make the picture clearer, Lamar is losing out on 14k.

I mean damn, how bad do you have to feel towards a guy to not allow him in on a share of the playoff money. Granted, yes he didn’t participate in the 4 game sweep, however, as poorly as they played in the final two games, many could say the players that showed up didn’t play much either. Nonetheless, how rough did he rub teammates that made them feel as if he didn’t deserve anything. I think it points more to the issues he was having adjusting in the locker room and getting acquainted with Dallas. While many will say, he’s a professional and that he should’ve showed up ready to play. No one really knows what was or is going on in his life that affected him so much that he couldn’t even focus at the one place he could normally find solitude.

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It’s kind of sad to see what happened to Lamar, hopefully he can get out of Dallas, and find comfort somewhere and end his last few basketball years on a high note.