For the greatness that Kobe exudes there is also a downside to his ultra competitveness. His reluctance to trust his teammates the past two season has been a factor of why they’ve been second round departers in back to back playoff appearances.

The greatness; in game 5 against the Oklahoma City Thunder Kobe scored 42 points on 33 shots while playing 41 minutes.

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The downside; he set a new playoff record with most field goal attempts (33) with out an assist, passing Karl Malone.

While Kobe will readily admit that his drive to win is more than his teammates, instead of trying to takeover the game, he should empower them. It’s very possible that his large presence weighs to heavy on his teammates and it doesn’t allow them to perform. And when he finally decides to pass them the ball they’re completely out of rhythm.

Though Kobe posses the ability to shoot his team into the game, at this point of his career, and him taking so many he also can shoot them out of it as well.

When the Lakers won their last title it was when Kobe deferred some to his low post counterparts. Perhaps he should revsist that strategy.