While referees most times get no love when they do a good job, there are more times than not that they get the call right more than wrong.

Well, today isn’t one of those times. In game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the referees doled out 3 technical fouls in the 2nd quarter on the Boston Celtics, and all of them were highly questionable.

Now I won’t goes as far to say they had a great impact on the outcome on the game, but they had a pretty good impact on the psyche on the Celtics. Any athlete will tell you the worse way to play is with too much thought. You want to play loose, free of heavy thoughts, and when you’re thinking about the referees, you’re not playing loose. Once the refs made their presence felt, you take away a vital part of the Celtics game.

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They stopped being physical, and emotional. They didn’t want to make a mistake, have a play misinterpreted, because they didn’t want to get another technical. On any of the three technical fouls the refs could’ve held their whistle and no harm would’ve been done. I understand the referees wanting to have control of the court, but the technical fouls they called weren’t indications of a team testing the officials limit. I’ve never been one to rail on officials for making themselves part of the game, but if there ever was a moment they wanted to be, it was definitely last night.

If you missed it, below is video of the three technical fouls that were called on the Boston Celtics in the second quarter.