While the rumors of Manny Pacquiao having financial troubles has been floating around, there are now reports that Pacquiao is suing his former accountants VisionQwest Group according to TMZ.

Pacquiao was originially sued for not paying for services rendered. In his countersuit Pacquiao alleges VisionQwest Group gave him “substandard accounting and tax service” Pacquiao hired lawyer Dan Petrocelli who reigned victorious over OJ Simpson in his civil trial.

More and more lately we’ve been hearing of athletes having financial troubles, Terrell Owens and now Pacquiao, sooner or later athletes are going to have to be more hands on when it comes to their finances. Considering Pacquiao is also a congressman in the Philippines you would think he would’ve found somebody to keep his finances in order. Hopefully he doesn’t end up like other boxers fighting well past their prime just to get a check.