The life of an NBA player allows one to have the most lavish materials at his disposal. So with all that money what does DeShawn Stevenson do; HE PUT AN ATM IN HIS KITCHEN!!!

Hilarious. But it gets better, he also charges his friends a usage fee to use said ATM machine. That’s right, you come up short after a game of spades, no worries, grab some twenties out the kitchen, along with a $4.50 ATM fee.

How does DeShawn rationalize having an ATM machine in his house?

“I like doing things that aren’t normal and it’s cool to have.”

Well, if anyone still held onto the thought that DeShawn Stevenson was normal after his $5 bill tattoo on his neck, I’m pretty sure after this they won’t think that any more. MTV needs to do an episode of cribs just to see if there’s anything more asinine in his house.

Also can anyone ask him why he’s dressed like the planters peanut mascot?