Early this Sunday morning the worlds fastest man Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt was involved in that was described as a fender bender as reported by SI.com.

Authorities say around 5 a.m. local time that they believed Bolt lost control of his BMW and swerved into guard rails and they are still investigating the accident.

Bolts’ publicist told the Associated Press;

“There were no injuries at all. He is fine and resting at home”

Asafa Powell friend and teammate was in another vehicle that was also in at the scene of the accident and took to twitter to inform the public on the status of his friend;

Anytime an athlete is in an accident we hope they come away unharmed and from the looks of it, Bolt is ok. Hopefully, this was just a freak accident since there was no mention of drugs or alcohol being involved. Perhaps the fastest man on the planet should do like Pinky’s driver in Next Friday and hit those corners a little slower.