For months there have been rumors that Phil Jackson has the itch to return to the sidelines and coach again and only one year after retirement. The New York Knicks were rumored to be one of the teams that would court Jackson and work his magic to guide the Knicks back to prominence.

According to the New York Times transcripts to an interview with HBO’s Real Sports that will air on Tuesday June 19, 2012, Jackson was asked by Andrea Kremer on his thoughts on the Knicks he had this to say;

“There’s just too much work that has to be done with that team, it’s a little bit of a clumsy team. Stoudemire doesn’t fit together well with Carmelo, Stoudemire’s a really good player. But he’s got to play in a certain system and a way. Carmelo has to be a better passer. And the ball can’t stop every time it hits his hands.”

If I can translate what Jackson is trying to say, basically, the Knicks roster is a mess, and I’m too damn old to go there and deal that.

While Jackson has 11 NBA titles as a coach, it’s very presumptuous that he can go to any situation and turn it around. So much has to come together, your star players have to have a certain mind set to be prepared to deal with Jackson. Also the pressure of coaching in New York and Jackson’s different way of dealing with players, who’s to say that, it’s going to work? Remember with the Bulls and Lakers Jackson had a top 5 player and normally took over the team once they couldn’t get over the hump. The only hump the Knicks are having trouble with are the Wednesday blues. Unless the Knicks make some grandiose move to bring in more complimentary pieces, it’s hard to assume from what we’ve seen that the Knicks are ready to compete for a championship.

Good thing is, this is all water under the bridge, as Jackson says that he was never called, and asked about the job. If Jackson was still interested in coaching, and wanted the Knicks job, I’m pretty sure he could’ve found a way to make his feelings known. Looks to me, he’s fine with his tenure as a Knick only being as a player for now.