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The NCAA has rules for just about everything under the sun and are now reaching for the moon. On Wednesday the NCAA Legislative Council implemented legislation that classifies any parent that tries to sell the services of their child to a school as an ‘agent’.

As reported by, Bylaw 12 in the NCAA rule book dealing with amateur athletics has been updated to read as such:

“An agent is any individual who, directly or indirectly, represents or attempts to represent an individual for the purpose of marketing his or her athletics ability or reputation for financial gain …”

Carolyn Campbell-McGovern who sits on the legislative council spoke on the importance to close the loophole that allowed Cecil and Cam Newton off the hook.

“It essentially closes the loophole. It was important for us to shore that up and make sure we were encompassing all individuals. It addresses not only who is covered but also the scope. Trying to do it is a crime. Not a crime, but a violation.”

While we all might’ve thought the witch hunt was over, this rule will forever cast a cloud of doubt over Cam Newton and what he went on to accomplish at Auburn. In passing this new rule, the NCAA are saying, Cecil and Cam got away with something but we didn’t have a rule in place to punish them. I understand the need for the law, but it just seems the NCAA is more interested in developing rules to limit the compensation players can receive rather than cleaning up the corrupt nature of college football that allows coaches to break rules and still get paid while student athletes are punished for selling their own property for profit.


Emmet Golden from WKNR ESPN 850 joins me to talk about The Ohio State Buckeyes season so far and how he see’s them finishing up. Why you should go see the Cleveland State Vikings play and why he loves jumping out of tree,

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”Joe was a little negligent; it’s sad what happened at Penn State.”  Is how Bobby Bowden when asked about his friend Joe Paterno when he spoke at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes luncheon at Doublegate Country Club. Reported by the Albany Herald, when Bowden was asked about Jerry Sandusky “I knew him like I knew you folks, it’s a shocking story. I couldn’t believe it. He was one of the nicest guys you could ever met.”

Bobby Bowden has a long history with both Paterno and Sandusky as he coached against Penn State yearly during his time as head coach with West Virginia for years and Bowden and Paterno were inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame together in 2006.

Bowden tried not to crush his friend Paterno in the decisions he made, but made it clear that the focus should be on the kids when asked if he was upset with how Paterno was let go Bowden proclaimed “there’s no nice way to dismiss somebody. That’s not what upsets me. What happened to those young boys is what upsets me. It shouldn’t have happened because somebody didn’t report it. They could have cut it out eight or nine years ago.’’

Teams Get Paid to Get Beatdown

To spin off an old Brand Nubian songs, in the first week of the NCAA football season most powerhouse schools don’t play the crème de la crème. Instead they choose to play mid major schools they can pummel. The crazy thing is these schools get paid crazy amount of money to get demolished and some national exposure. For example, Alabama hosted Kent State University and was favored by 39 points and they beat the Golden Flashes by 41. However, sometimes money is the muscle relaxer to a bad beat down. Kent State received $1.2 million to play that game. Nevertheless that wasn’t the only team that raked in big money to get molly whopped. Akron University pulled in a cool $850 thousand from The Ohio State University. Middle Tennessee State who was actually competitive in their game against Purdue only losing by three and got paid a solid $850 thousand to take their talents to Boilermaker country. Montana received $500 thousand, Indiana State $475 thousand, and Chattanooga 450 thousand and were all beat by an average of 31 points. But the biggest money maker was Louisiana Monroe who played Florida State and was paid $1.3 million to get trounced 34-0. So while players aren’t allowed to get, its more than ok for them to get beat down by teams far superior to them. Yup, sounds just like the kind of logic the NCAA would operate by. For your viewing pleasure check out the video from Brand Nubian, Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down.


The aftermath of violations has started for the University of Miami as 8 players have received their punishment for receiving improper benefits. Five players including starting quarterback Jacory Harris are suspended for one game and must repay the money for benefits they received from booster Nevin Shapiro. Oliver Vernon will be suspended 6 games and must repay $1,200 while Ray Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye will miss four games each. The more interesting part of this story is how much the players are responsible for paying back. Armstrong must repay $788, Dye $738, Marcus Forston $400, Adewale Ojomo $240, Travis Benjamin $150 and Harris $140, while another 4 players who won’t be suspended will be required to pay back less than $100. For a little less than $4,000 your punishing kids, it just doesn’t seem fair. The amounts these players are required to give back could’ve been prevented if you would just give the players something. I’m not saying give them six figure money, but allow them to have some walk around money, so that when the temptation does come they can look at their pockets knowing they already have money, so why risk what they already have. Yes you will have players that are greedy, and those you can do nothing about, but for the ones who are just looking for a little pocket change, you can save them pit falls that many have fallen to. And while the NCAA is punishing the kids for the amount of a used car, they’ve yet to say what will happen to the school or its administrators for taking benefits. These punishments which aren’t that severe may also quell talk of Miami receiving the death penalty.

If you’re former Tennessee men’s college basketball coach Bruce Pearl and you’re looking for work after receiving a 3 year show cause penalty, what kind of job would you look for? TV analyst, the chance to stay in the spotlight and still be around college basketball. Maybe catch on as an assistant coach in the NBA, possibly position himself to get a head coaching job one day. However, none of these jobs were what Bruce chose; Bruce will now be the vice president of marketing for a grocery company H.T. Hackney in Knoxville. Interesting option for Bruce to explore, perhaps he’s looking at taking the Kurt Warner way back into sports, maybe he’ll even draw up pick and rolls with the butter.

Loss of Memory Not Determination

Pat Summitt, who has won more games in NCAA college basketball history as coach of the Tennessee Lady Volunteers, has suffered a tremendous health loss. Summitt was recently diagnosed with early onset of dementia of the Alzheimer type at the age of 59. Dementia is described as affecting memory, thinking, language and judgment. Summitt noticed something was wrong when she was having trouble with remembering things but initially thought it was a symptom of her arthritis medicine. After consulting with her doctors and numerous tests they discovered the diagnosis of dementia. Having a grandmother who suffered from dementia in her mid 70’s I understand the hard road that is ahead of Summitt and her family. On many days my grandmother didn’t remember my name, my age and whether I was still in school or not. I saw the loss of determination, due to what her brain wouldn’t allow her to do anymore. So for Summitt to remain active is and remain head coach of the Lady Vols basketball team is great. What’s even better is her realizing her limitations, in an interview with ABC she was quoted as saying “I realize I may have some limitations with this condition, since there will be some good days and some bad days. For that reason, I will be relying on my outstanding coaching staff like never before.” Many times when we suffer a setback we fail to acknowledge that we have to rely on others more, and that we have to do things differently. In all the interviews and articles Summitt appears upbeat and prepared to fight this head on. Below is a video of Summitt speaking about her diagnosis and the road ahead.


Marc Hits the Spot

Soooo, what if I told you that a 22 year old college student, who has had a few drinks, said some silly stuff on camera while hanging with his friends. Would you think that’s a big deal? Probably not, so why is it that when a college athlete participates in this same silly routine it’s made to seem like the end of the world. Yes I know and understand that USC has had issues with players receiving improper benefits, but this was a kid who was on camera and thought he’d be cool if he said the first silly thing to come to his mind. Was it immature, possibly, but how many 22 year olds have moments of immaturity? So why do we expect those who play sports to be more responsible and have higher moral values? WHY?! I don’t get it, it’s like playing sports is supposed to raise your moral rating above 90. Early 20 year olds do dumb silly stuff all the time, and if calling his school the “university of sexy ballers” and saying that USC is cutting them the checks as a joke is the worst thing Marc Tyler does, then good for him. He didn’t get knocked for dui, harassing any females or any other potential crime. Neither did he deserve to get a one game suspension; the out roar should be directed at the NCAA and their ridiculous rules which allows them to punish students for the smallest of things.

I’ve learned to discover in my adult years that things are never as easy as they seem. Life is not only about making decisions that make you happy or that bring you the most success and adoration. However at times doing what is right, even when

you will be the one to suffer the repercussions. So when I read the Sports Illustrated article on Jim Tressel, I wasn’t shocked. I wasn’t appalled. I understood.

To think that any of us really knew who Jim Tressel was from a few press conferences and book signing interviews are crazy. Some will say we were fooled and duped into believing in an image that wasn’t true. Ok, if that’s the stance you want to take, then turn the mirror on yourself and think of how people would view you if they knew your most inner dark moments and mishaps of your life.

By no means should we have believed Jim Tressel was perfect in the first place. Shame on us for placing him on this pedestal that we now are trying so hard to kick him off of.

From all reports, yes it does look like Tressel is a liar, a repeated one and someone that had no intentions on stopping. Someone who knows the game very well and will play it to his advantage.  Although in this most recent situation, the Tressel we believed in is what did him in. His most honorable act is what caused him to lose a $3.5 million job and leading of one of the most prestigious athletic programs in the country. Tressel wanted to protect his players from a potential investigation that would’ve damaged their reputation at the first site of their names being mentioned at all. Noble cause; but that doesn’t mean that if you break the rules foimage

r being noble that there won’t be consequences to face.

Tressel was placed in a situation that he could’ve slowed down, but not prevented. Whether Tressel told on these six players shouldn’t be the big issue, but rather he started enabling too much, which gave these players the feeling of invincibility. They knew Tressel would take the fall for them. It’s like a three year old who knows mom or dad isn’t going to let them fall, so they continue to jump.

Tressel is guilty of perpetrating an image that he was the last good guy standing, that he would never do these things. When in reality, he would if his lively hood depended on it and if he saw it fit to protect others.

Death before dishonor; in this case unemployment before dishonor. Tressel will recover from this one day, but nationally his image is a wreck. People hate to feel as if they’ve been made a fool of. And that’s what Tressel has done considering how hard he sold his clean cut image and how much people bought in. Lost in this is what now will happen to Ohio State. What penalties they will face from the NCAA over their stance of ignorance in a slew of transgressions that have been described as systemic. Ohio State may receive some mercy now that Tressel is gone, but they will pay a hefty price and will be set back for a year or two.

The wrongdoings of Ohio State and Jim Tressel are nothing new, you could investigate every major sports program and find NCAA rule violations.

The NCAA needs to look hard at changing its rules to attempt to decrease the scandalous culture it has created. These latest allegations may not tell the whole story of whom or what Jim Tressel stands for, however it may be the only excerpt the critics will read.

It’s the middle of March so that can only mean a few things. about 5 more weeks of winter for us Clevelanders and NCAA March madness. This is the time where all fair weather fans get their one shot at being a sports know it all and bragging rights for the next three weeks. However, this is also the time where most analysts and hard-core fans will differ in opinions. Most fans don’t follow sports day in and day out. So they lack the knowledge of their home team and most times will just use blind faith. Analysts will tell you not to pick your 13th seeded team to go to the final four, it’s just not a good play. However, I’m here to tell you, pick your team and do it with no shame. Are you really being a homer if you truly believe they will win. Face it, you could place your faith in many riskier things that would bring harsher repercussions. So what, who cares that Indiana State has NO CHANCE against Syracuse, roll with your squad. This is the true essence of fandom, to ride or die with your team even if they get blown out by 23. So for all the homer fans, wear your favorite shirt and hat and represent loud and proud. And trust me, this has nothing to do with me being from Ohio, I picked Ohio State to win the tournament. Remember I’m not a homer, I truly believe in Sullinger and the crew.!

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