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When LeBron James went down to Miami I don’t think he ever could’ve envisioned it being this way. Having to work just as hard as he did in Cleveland, him having to carry another team with two superstars; granted one has a known injury, and the other has analyst spreading the word of him not being 100%. In game 6 he had an all time career night and many gave him no credit. 45 point 15 rebounds 5 assists, the only person to out do him was Wilt Chamberlain who had gone for 50 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists in the ’64 Finals against the Celtics. However, did he ever imagine having more pressure and responsibility placed upon him after leaving Cleveland? Has the thought, ‘if it was going to be like this I should’ve stayed in Cleveland’ crossed his mind?

Just look at the situation he’s placed himself in, no matter what he does, unless he performs in the manner people want him to in the 4th quarter, it’s never going to be enough.

In Game 6, win or go home situation, elimination game for his team he showed up from Jump Street and balled out, yet people are saying that wasn’t a clutch performance. Are you crazy? Or to take a line from Major Payne, deaf, blind or just plain dumb? Not that I’m a LeBron fan, but let’s be fair, what he did on June 7, 2012 was an incredible all time great moment. And he did it with essentially no help from Dwayne Wade (one of these days people will call him out for his lackluster play these playoffs) but I digress. LeBron was in a zone that hasn’t been seen from him before. However all everybody did was attempt to discredit what he accomplished. So does he ever contemplate what it would’ve been like had he stayed in Cleveland? Given the organization a better chance at recruiting players by committing long term. Yea, we all like to think that celebrities and athletes don’t have human emotions, but they do. I wonder if you had the chance to ask LeBron that one question would answer honestly.

Yes he did this to himself, but for as fair as America is, we’re down right brutal in the way we want people climb back into our good graces. Fair or unfair unless LeBron beats the Celtics with one had behind his back, crosses over Kevin Durant with 30 seconds or less on the clock and make a free throw line jumper to clinch a championship victory for his team, he’ll be hard pressed to dig himself out of the hole he’s created. In two short years LeBron has gone from The King, the Chosen one, to 1990 Ice Cube, the basketball player you love to hate.


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Smooth Shots Episode 35

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Smooth Shots Episode 8 Browns Buckeyes and NBA lockout 10/04 by JbSmooth84 | Blog Talk Radio.

Check out the podcast as we talk about the Browns losing and why I’m happy about it. The NBA lockout continues and the preseason has been lost will we lose regular season games too. And there’s more turmoil down at Ohio State.

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