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The 100 Million Dollar Man


Michael Vick after two years of turmoil and a fantastic year of play on the field last season has signed a $100 milllion deal for 6 years. This has to be the new american dream, to be able to lose the richest contract in NFL history, go to jail and have the opportunity to earn a second $100 million contract. It’s the perfect made for tv movie. Now for hs sake let’s hope he performs on because we know the instance he has one bad game that the naysayers will be all over him and that contract. Obviously Andy Reid knew what he was doing when he pick him up 2 years ago.


Let the Signings Begin

A lot of activity has taken place during the first few days of free agency, so I need not bore you with a long monologue and I’ll just give you my opinion on the signings so far;

Matt Hasselbeck to the Tennessee Titans

Unlike most, I think this makes some sense. He steps in right away as the starter, and understands that he has a timeline to prove to the rest of the league that he can play. Yes, he may be keeping the seat warm for Jake Locker, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be motivated to prove the rest of the league wrong that he can still play. Just because Locker is 2nd in command doesn’t mean that once Hasselbecks’ contract is over he’s going to be handed the reins. Let’s not forget how long Aaron Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre.

Sydney Rice and Robert Gallery to the Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have be starving for a #1 receiver for a long time now, and if healthy can definitely catch 80 passes and rack up 1,000 yards. Only caveat, who is going to throw him the ball. Rumor has it Tarvaris Jackson will be heading to Seattle as well, which will generate some familiarity as well as their old offensive coordinator from the Vikings is on the staff as well. Robert Gallery won’t get any fan fare from the media, but he’s a decent lineman that has escaped the Alcatraz that is Oakland, and will definitely stabilize the offensive line.

Steve Breaston to the Kansas City Chiefs

Steve Breaston lining up opposite of Dwayne Bo, Jamaal Charles in the backfield and Dexter McCluster in the slot, is going to make the Chiefs a very dangerous team. Now the defense can’t shade coverage to one side and as long as the line can protect Matt Cassell the Chiefs will be very dangerous

Donovan McNabb traded to the Minnesota Vikings

The most disrespected player in the league is on the move for a second off season, and it only took a 6th round pick. McNabb is like the Hey Arnold character from that old Nickelodeon cartoon constantly undervalued. But with a great running back behind him two decent receivers he should be able to prove everyone wrong that has essentially buried him. However, the Vikings are going to need another receiver considering Percy Harvins’ migraine issues.

Kevin Kolb traded to Arizona Cardinals

It’s being rumored the Kevin Kolb is going to be traded to the Cardinals for a 2nd round pick, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and then the Cardinals are going to give Kolb a new contract with $30 million guaranteed. To me this is crazy, Kolb has a lot of potential but to give him all that money basically says you’re riding or dying with this go no matter what. AND, you’re trading away a vital piece of your secondary. I know they need a quarterback, but I wouldn’t do it.

Andy Reid should be a blackjack dealer, the way he be stealing players and picks from teams. Acquiring Cromartie sures up their weak secondary and takes pressure off of their safeties.

Brandon Stokley & Donte Stallworth to the Washington Redskins

These two signings have to be two of the dumbest so far. The Redskins have agreed to terms with Stallworth, Stokley and resigned Santana Moss, and all of these receivers do the same thing. Small, quick receivers that intimidate nobody. We shouldn’t expect anything different, but this is just dumb, it’s like pouring a glass of water in the ocean and thinking your replenishing it. I feel bad for Redskin fans; you have a team with all that money, and no clue what to do with it, so sad.

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