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E.J. and Erin Henderson Have Donation to High School Rejected

When a donor makes a donation to a hospital it’s usually customary that they have a hallway, wing even a building named after them. Apparently not in Maryland; Brothers E.J and Erin Henderson current Minnesota Vikings intended to donate $20,000 to help their alma mater Aberdeen High School with repairs to the schools’ field and scoreboard. In return the Henderson’s wanted to have their family name on the new scoreboard.

However, as part of Maryland law, no family name can be placed upon public school property.

School spokeswoman Teri Kranefeld wrote in a statement:

“The Harford County Board of Education rejected the scoreboard installation proposal based on the current advertising policy parameters.”

This law was brought to light when the local board of education decided not to name the football field after fallen soldier Ryan Adle who was killed in Iraq and former captain of the Aberdeen football team.

The Henderson brothers are now taking their money back. How foul is that? It’s not as if people wouldn’t have known they donated the money. If the Henderson’s wanted to do something nice do the act and don’t ask for the money back. Performing nice deeds aren’t supposed to have conditions, so don’t get mad when they don’t bow to your request. That just makes you look petty and as if you didn’t want to help in the first place.


Chris Paul to Appear on Family Fued

Rarely do we get an inside look at athletes and celebrities, but thanks to game show Family Feud we’ll find out if Chris Paul is his family’s team captain or just a sixth man. Chris Paul, his mom Robin, dad Charles, brother C.J., and aunt Rhonda will play for $100,000 and a car in which if he wins he’ll donate to his charity CP3 Foundation. The episode is set to air November 1st on WGNO. Now we’ll get to see how down to earth CP3 is and how relatable to the everyday Joe he can be. However, it has to be more believable than half the reality shows other athletes partake in.

Peyton Hillis Skips Charity Event


Former NFL center was scheduled to host a Halloween charity event with current Browns running back Peyton Hillis at a local Boys & Girls club. That was until Peyton Gillis didn’t show up. according to  Bentleys’ twitter feed Hillis appeared. Now we don’t know if there is a valid reason to him not showing up but for a player who wants to get paid, but isn’t able to get on the field to showcase his talents, you don’t want to have this kind of bad publicity attached to your name. Below is  Bentleys’ tweet showing his frustration to Hillis no showing.



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